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Mailing Address:
New Jersey Department of Agriculture
P.O. Box 330
Trenton, NJ 08625-0330

Physical Address:
Health and Agriculture Building
John Fitch Plaza
369 S. Warren St. 

Office of the Secretary
(609) 292-3976

  • Human Resources

    The Human Resources Office oversees a number of programs essential to support the department’s personnel objectives.  Among these are workforce planning, classification and compensation, recruitment, salary and benefit administration, employee relations, performance assessment, personnel policy and procedures development, and training coordination.

    Click here for NJDA job opportunities.

    Job inquiries may be e-mailed to NJDA Human Resources at

    Visit the New Jersey Civil Service Commission website for State, county, and municipal government Job Vacancy Announcements.

    Thank you for your interest in the New Jersey Department of Agriculture (NJDA).

    The New Jersey Department of Agriculture is an equal opportunity employer.

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  • Information Technology Unit

    The Information Technology Unit comprises three components:  Engineering Services, Application Services and Geographical Information Services. This office supports the entire department’s infrastructure for both systems and network, which includes support of the Animal Health and Plant Laboratories and the two site locations at 33 West State Street and Bridgeton. One goal is to provide high quality technology solutions focusing on delivering online services to our constituents. Geographic Information Systems provides accurate and reliable spatial data and services in support of Department activities. Operating under a consolidated IT environment gives us an opportunity to leverage IT infrastructure investments and more efficient management of IT resources.

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  • NJDA Budget

    NJDA's adjusted FY14 budget for direct state services is $7,241,000 with grants-in-aid funding of $6,800,000. State aid for the year amounts to $5,600,000. . In addition, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture received $468,000,000 in federal funds.

    Department Budget

    Source of Funds

    Amount Appropriated
    FY 2014

    General State Funds
    Direct State Services
    State Aid
    Capital Construction


    Federal Funds




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