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2013-2014 New Jersey State FFA Executive Board
State President - Kyle Clement

Kyle attends Salem Community College where he is studying Biology and Chemistry with hopes to one day becoming a Biotechnologist or Agriculture teacher. Kyle’s SAE includes placement experiences at a horse ranch, working with the pet census, as well as working on a produce farm. He has competed in multiple Career Development Events including Parliamentary Procedure, Horse Judging, Agricultural Issues Forum, and the State FFA Essay Event. Kyle loves reading, running, playing piano, video games and riding horses. He has previously served as Chapter Parliamentarian, Secretary, and President for Salem County Vo. Tech FFA and most recently as the 2012-2013 State FFA Reporter.  Kyle says that “FFA has changed my life, plain and simple. It has opened up windows of opportunity for me that I never knew existed, and has helped me discover my true potential.”
State Vice President - Delaney Gray

Delaney attends Delaware Valley College where she is studying agriculture education with aspirations to be an agriculture teacher. Delaney’s supervised agriculture experience program involves breeding, selling, and judging show quality rabbits. She has competed in numerous Career Development Events which include Fruits and Vegetables, Land Judging, Floriculture, and Agricultural Sales. Delaney enjoys the time she spends in FFA, being involved with social media, reading, and singing. Previously, Delaney served as Chapter Co-President and Chapter President for Freehold FFA, and most recently as the 2012-2013 State FFA Secretary. Delaney says “I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t get involved in this amazing organization. I wouldn’t be the person I am today.”
State Secretary - Kelly Gangel

Kelly plans to attend Rutgers University this fall to study Environmental and Business Economics with a career goal of being involved with Environmental Economics/Agricultural Marketing. Kelly’s SAE includes working as florist at a flower shop. Kelly has participated in many Career Development Events including Floriculture, Floral Design, Fruits and Vegetables, and the Horticulture Exposition. In addition to FFA, Kelly is on traveling and high school softball teams and is a member of the National Honors Society and the Spanish Honors Society. She has previously served as Chapter Reporter and Vice President for Northern Burlington FFA and was the 2012 New Jersey FFA Nominating Committee chair. Kelly is known for her contagious laugh and says that, “Being a state FFA officer allows me to help FFA members from all across the state and I hope to stand on stage at state convention and have them look at me and say, ‘One day, that can be me’.”
State Treasurer - Kristianne Dowd

Kristianne plans to attend Rutgers University this fall to study Agriculture and Food Sciences with aspirations of becoming an agriculture teacher. Her SAE includes volunteering at a pet store, pet sitting, landscape design and maintenance, and sports field management. Kristianne has competed in various Career Development Events including Land Judging, Fruits and Vegetables, Forestry, and Job Interview. Additionally, Kristianne has received multiple New Jersey FFA awards including Treasurer’s Book of the Year and the 2013 Member of the Year. Previously, Kristianne served as Chapter Treasurer and President for Freehold FFA. Outside of FFA, Kristianne is involved with band, enjoys reading, as well as playing soccer and softball. When asked about her FFA involvement to this point, Kristianne says, “When I first entered my school’s program my freshman year, I had no idea how in love I would become with the FFA.  When I look back, there is nothing I would change about the past four years and my involvement.”
State Reporter - Catherine Cincotta

Catherine’s plans for the future include attending Rutgers University in the fall of 2013 to study agricultural education. Catherine’s SAE includes raising and breeding sheep for show and market. Catherine was a national gold individual in the Floriculture CDE, has placed 1st in the New Jersey FFA Teach Agriculture Event and has also received the Member of the Month award. Catherine’s previous offices include Chapter Secretary, Chapter Vice President and Chapter President for Northern Burlington FFA. Away from FFA, she enjoys being a part of 4-H and the outdoors. When speaking about her year of service, Catherine says, “I am so excited to be a state officer and serve the New Jersey FFA Association for I believe I have the potential to work hard, stay positive, and benefit the future of FFA.”
State Sentinel - David Watts

David attends Salem Community College and studies Agriculture/Horticulture.  His career goals include serving in the House of Representatives and starting a farm. His SAE includes a placement experience working as a farmhand at a Koi farm. David has participated in the Milk Quality & Products CDE, Parliamentary Procedure, was a recipient of a State Proficiency award and also served on the 2012 State FFA Nominating Committee. David has previously served as Chapter Treasurer for Penns Grove FFA. He is an outdoor adventurer and was a part of the 2011 American Legion Jersey Boy’s State Conference. David is quoted as saying, “The biggest reason I am excited to be a state officer is I have the opportunity to teach people, and step up and assume a leadership role.  I am dedicated to New Jersey’s FFA members and giving back to the organization that has given me more than I could have ever imagined.”
State Parliamentarian - Stuart Faunce

Stuart will attend Mercer County College this fall to study Horticulture, with future plans of becoming a part-time farmer as well as either a high school agriculture teacher and eventually, a principal. His SAE includes being an agricultural education intern, as well as a placement experience at a local farm assisting with farm markets. Stuart has participated in multiple Career Development Events including Land Judging, Parliamentary Procedure, Milk Quality & Products, Forestry, as well as the 3-5 Minute Prepared and Extemporaneous Public Speaking events. Additionally, Stuart served on the 2012 State FFA Nominating Committee. Stuart has served as Chapter Reporter, Vice President, and President for Allentown FFA. When he’s not at FFA events, Stuart runs cross country and track and enjoys fixing old tractors and fishing. Stuart recently spoke about serving as a state officer and said, “The biggest thing I enjoy about being a state officer is the ability to lead my fellow officers and members into the glorious sunlight of brotherhood and cooperation.”
State FFA Executive Committee Chair - Ernest Arians
Ernie attends Ocean County College with plans to transfer to Rutgers University to study American History.  Ernie's SAE is a placement project on the Powell Farm tending to horses, chickens, and organic plots.  He loves being on the farm and takes pride in his work.  He has served as chapter president.  Ernie has participated in Dairy Foods, Nursery/Landscape and Fruits and Vegetables CDEs, attended leadership conferences, and represented Ag Ed/FFA at various local, state, and national events.  Ernie enjoys gemology, book collecting, and model railroads. Through FFA, Ernie has developed his personal leadership skills and has been able to accomplish academic and career goals.  Ernie previously served as the 2011-2012 State FFA Reporter and as the 2012-2013 State FFA President.
State FFA Executive Committee - Anne Poinsett
Anne plans to attend Lancaster Bible College in the fall.  Her Supervised Agricultural Experience involves working at Hlubik's Farm in Chesterfield, NJ.  Anne has served as chapter secretary.  She has competed in several Career Development Events including Agricultural Sales and Land Judging.  Anne enjoys activities in the outdoors and spending time with friends.  She loves the FFA and wants to continue growing. She previously served as the 2012-2013 State FFA Vice President.
State FFA Executive Committee - Lauren Fillebrown
Lauren plans to attend Gordon College in the fall to study international affairs.  Her Supervised Agricultural Experience involves experiences in different forms of leadership, advancing her desire to be a teacher.  Lauren is an active member and community worker at her church, an athlete, an honor roll member, and family-oriented person.  She has competed in the Job Interview Career Development Event along with various other CDEs.  She has plans to become a ESL teacher.  Lauren says that, "FFA has been a life-changing adventure, and I'm not quite ready to say good-bye to yet." Lauren previously served as the 2012-2013 State FFA Parliamentarian.