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The Jersey Fresh Quality Grading Program operates in cooperation with the Jersey Fresh marketing program.  This voluntary program, established in 1985, enhances regional and national marketability of more than 80 New Jersey commodities and assures consumers and wholesale buyers that the products meet or exceed US No. 1 standards.

The program helps New Jersey growers stand out in an increasingly competitive regional and national marketplace.

  = Highest Quality

After registering with the Quality Grading Program, growers are licensed to use the Jersey Fresh logo on their packages.  The logo indicates that the contents have been inspected and meet the highest quality standards.  This inspection also adds a quality assurance note to the overall Jersey Fresh marketing program that is welcomed by wholesale produce buyers and consumers who want high quality products that are uniformly sized and consistently packed. 

Jersey Fresh Brings Results
Market surveys show that participating farmers regularly receive better prices for quality-graded products.  Moreover, trade market research studies regularly show that retailers have profited by the program because consumers have been pleased with the high-quality produce and are willing to pay more for it.  By offering Jersey Fresh quality graded produce, retailers can be assured of providing their customers with the high-quality produce they desire.  In-store promotional efforts often emphasize Jersey Fresh produce, pointing consumers to the locally grown produce they enjoy.
Jersey Fresh Buyers' Guide
A buyers' guide listing licensed Jersey Fresh Quality Grading Program participants is available online at The guide contains only those that are licensed Jersey Fresh operations.

To include your business in the buyers’ guide, call (609) 292-8853.
Chris Kleinguenther
New Jersey Department of Agriculture,
Division of Marketing and Development 
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FAX (856) 453-3880