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New Jersey Agricultural Pesticide Container and Greenhouse Film Recycling Programs

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Pesticide Containers

The Cumberland County Improvement Authority in partnership with the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, will offer free recycling of empty plastic pesticide containers. The collection program will be held at the Cumberland County Solid Waste Complex in the Township of Deerfield.

This is a free program and will save pesticide license holders in excess of $55/ton in landfill tipping fees.

Non-refillable, high-density polyethylene # 2 (HDPE #2) containers used by agricultural, professional and commercial pesticide applicators will be accepted at the collection sites. Containers must be no larger than 55 gallons and properly rinsed.

The program is open to anyone who holds a New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection pesticide license and to state, county and municipal government agencies. Participants must follow the processing guide or material will be rejected.

The NJ Department of Environmental Protection will issue one core credit to pesticide license holders for participating in the program. To receive credit, participants must bring their pesticide license to the collection site and must follow the processing steps. NJ Department of Agriculture staff will be on-site to collect the containers and issue the pesticide credits.

If growers have a large quantity of material, arrangements can be made to bring the grinding equipment directly to the grower. If growers have plastic pails, bulb crates, or other plastics that are HDPE #2, contact the NJDA to determine if they are suitable for the recycling program and can be brought to the collection site.

If you have questions or need more details on the plastic pesticide container-recycling program, contact Karen Kritz, Recycling Program Manager, NJ Department of Agriculture, at (609) 984-2506.

Greenhouse Film

The Department also administers a nursery and greenhouse film recycling program that is a model for states nationwide.

Film is accepted at two regional collection sites, which each have their own tipping fees.

Vehicles used to transport the greenhouse and nursery film are not required to be licensed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection as long as the used film is transported directly to one of the sites participating in New Jersey's recycling program.

Film will be accepted at the Cumberland Coiunty Solid Waste Complex, in Deerfield and the Occupational Training Center in Mt. Holly, Burlington County.

For additional information, contact Karen Kritz, New Jersey Department of Agriculture, by e-mail or at (609) 984-2506 or contact the New Jersey Nursery and Landscape Association at (609) 291-7070.


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