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New Jersey Pesticide Container Collection Program Guide

Plastic Pesticide Container Processing Steps

  • All pesticide containers must be either triple rinsed or pressure rinsed and drained;
  • All pesticide containers must be free of residue (other than stains);
  • Lids must be removed;
  • Plastic labels with MSDS sheet must be removed;
  • Try to remove the bulk of the paper labels (you do not have to scrape every bit off);
  • Only non-refillable pesticide containers will be accepted – drill a ¼-inch or larger hole in the bottom (not the side) of the container or with a utility knife make a 6-inch slit in the bottom (not the side) of the container so the container will not hold any liquids;
  • Only pesticide containers embossed with HDPE and the recycling #2 will be accepted;

  • Pesticide containers up to 55 gallons in capacity will be accepted; and
  • Pesticide containers must have originally held an EPA registered pesticide.

    Agricultural, professional and commercial applicators who generate large quantities of pesticide containers may contact USAg Recycling at 1-800-654-3145 for direct service. USAg will come to your site and there is no charge for the service.
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