Basics about the RTF Act and RTF Protections

Right to Farm Factsheet [pdf]
(2-page document with the basics about the Right to Farm Act)

Right to Farm Overview Presentation [pdf]
(SADC, Updated September 2015)

What Is the Municipal Role in Farm Regulation? [pdf]
(Article in New Jersey Municipalities, January 2006)

Right to Farm Act Resolves Disputes in Most Densely Populated State [pdf]
(Article in New Jersey Law Journal, May 30, 2005)

RTF Processes - Flow Chart [pdf]

Model SSAMP Review Checklist for CADBs [pdf]

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Resources for resolving and preventing disputes

New Jersey Agricultural Mediation Program

The Right to Farm Act's formal conflict-resolution process

Resolving Common Farm Management Practices [pdf]
(Article in the New Jersey Farmer, February 15, 2008)

Farmer-to-Farmer Advice for Avoiding Conflicts With Neighbors and Towns (2008 publication)

County Agriculture Development Boards (CADBs) - list of CADB administrators and contact information

Sustaining Farming on the Urban Fringe - Resources from Rutgers


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Resources for Supporting a Positive Agricultural Business Environment

 Agricultural Smart Growth Plan and Toolkit

Local ordinances and actions supporting agriculture

Sustaining Farming on the Urban Fringe - a Rutgers newsletter with practical insights for farmers, communities, and policy makers looking to maintain thriving local farms

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