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ERB Challenge Process
As part of the ERB application process, a review and determination of program eligibility for each application will be conducted from both a financial and technical perspective. The ERB Staff, from the BPU and NJEDA, has developed a challenge process in the event that an application is deemed ineligible during one of these reviews. This process affords the applicant an opportunity to contest an initial determination by ERB staff with an additional review of the merits of an application by an impartial staff member. 

Stakeholders are encouraged to review this process and provide comments. 

*Written public comments regarding the draft Challenge Process, provided in the link above, will be accepted at Energy Resilience Bank until 5:00 pm on Friday, October 10, 2014. 

Additional Information - Action Plan & Program Guide
The purpose of the bank will be to improve and increase the energy resilience of the state’s critical facilities through the financing of distributed generation projects.

Further information on the proposed Energy Resilience Bank can be found here in the State’s Action Plan for the second allocation of disaster recovery funding. For your convenience, the Program Guide can be found here

All questions and concerns can be sent to theEnergy Resilience Bank.

*Written public comment regarding the draft Program Guide, provided in the link above, were accepted at Energy Resilience Bank until 5:00 pm on Friday, September 5, 2014.  Comments provided after this time will be considered for possible future revisions to the Guide.