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Subchapter 1. General Provisions

Sections 1.1 through 1.9
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19:46-1.1     Gaming chips; physical characteristic applicable to all gaming chips;
                    issuance and use; promotional non-gaming chips
19:46-1.1A    Value chips; denominations; physical characteristics
19:46-1.1B    Non-value chips; physical characteristics
19:46-1.2      Non-value chips; permitted uses; inventory and impressment
19:46-1.3      Additional sets of gaming chips
19:46-1.4      Gaming plaques; issuance and use; denominations; physical
19:46-1.5      Nature, exchange and redemption of gaming chips, plaques and match
                    play coupons
19:46-1.6      Receipt of gaming chips or plaques from manufacturer or distributor;
                    inventory, security, storage and destruction of chips and plaques
19:46-1.7      Roulette table; physical characteristics; double zero roulette wheel
                    used as a single roulette wheel
19:46-1.8      Roulette balls
19:46-1.9      Roulette; inspection procedures; security procedures

Sections 1.10 through 1.14  
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19:46-1.10    Blackjack tables; card reader device; physical characteristics;
                    inspections (PENDING REPEAL)
19:46-1.10A  Three card poker table; physical characteristics
19:46-1.10B  Spanish 21 table; physical characteristics
19:46-1.11    Craps and mini-craps tables; physical characteristics
19:46-1.11A  Automated craps table; automated craps dice shaker
19:46-1.12    Baccarat and minibaccarat tables; physical characteristics
19:46-1.13    Big Six Wheel and layout; physical characteristics
19:46-1.13A  Sic bo table; sic bo shaker; physical characteristics
19:46-1.13B  Pai gow poker table; pai gow poker shaker; physical characteristics;
                    computerized random number generator
19:46-1.13C  Pai gow table; pai gow shaker; physical characteristics
19:46-1.13D  Pokette table; pokette wheel; physical characteristics
19:46-1.13E   Poker table; physical characteristics
19:46-1.13F   Double down stud table; physical characteristics
19:46-1.13G  Caribbean stud poker table; physical characteristics
19:46-1.13H  Let it ride poker table; physical characteristics
19:46-1.13I   Mini-dice table; mini-dice dice shaker; physical characteristics
19:46-1.13J   Fast action hold'em table; physical characteristics
19:46-1.13K   Casino war table; physical characteristics
19:46-1.13L   Colorado hold'em poker table; physical characteristics
19:46-1.13M   Boston 5 stud poker table; physical characteristics
19:46-1.13N   Double cross poker table; physical characteristics
19:46-1.13O   Double attack blackjack table; physical characteristics
19:46-1.13P    Four card poker table; physical characteristics
19:46-1.13Q   Texas hole 'em bonus poker table; physical characteristics
19:46-1.13R   Flop poker table; physical characteristics
19:46-1.13S   Two card joker poker table; physical characteristics
19:46-1.13T   Asia poker table; asia poker shaker; physical characteristics;
                    computerized random number generator
19:46-1.13U  Ultimate texas hold 'em table; physical characteristics
19:46-1.14     Red dog table; physical characteristics

Sections 1.15 through 1.19B  
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19:46-1.15     Dice; physical characteristics
19:46-1.16     Dice; receipt; storage; inspections and removal from use
19:46-1.16A   Sic bo shaker and mini-dice shaker; security procedures
19:46-1.17     Cards; physical characteristics
19:46-1.18     Cards; receipt, storage, inspections, and removal from use
19:46-1.19     Dealing shoes; automated shuffling devices
19:46-1.19A   Pai gow tiles physical characteristics
19:46-1.19B   Pai gow tiles; receipt; storage; inspections and removal from use

Sections 1.20 through 1.29  
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19:46-1.20     Inspection and approval of gaming and simulcast wagering
                     equipment and related devices and software; retention by
                     Commission or Division; evidence of tampering
19:46-1.21     Expiration of slot machine main program approvals issued pursuant to
                     N.J.A.C. 19:46-1.20; resubmission
19:46-1.22     Possession of slot machines
19:46-1.23     Transportation of slot machines into, within and out-of-State
19:46-1.24     Slot machine seals
19:46-1.25     (Reserved)
19:46-1.26     Slot machines and bill changers; identification; signs; meters; other
19:46-1.26A   Bill changers with electronically erasable/programmable storage
19:46-1.26B   Gaming equipment and related devices utilizing alterable storage
19:46-1.27     Slot machine areas; density; arrangement; floor plans
19:46-1.28     Testing of designated gaming or simulcast wagering equipment or
                     related devices or software by the Division
19:46-1.28A   Standards for the approval of a slot machine game
19:46-1.29     Operation of gaming and simulcast wagering equipment and related
                     devices and software in conformance with Commission approval

Sections 1.30 through 1.36  
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19:46-1.30     (Reserved)
19:46-1.31     Records and reports
19:46-1.32     (Reserved)
19:46-1.33     Issuance and use of slot tokens for gaming and simulcast wagering;
                     prize tokens; slot token and prize token specifications; promotional
                     non-gaming tokens
19:46-1.34     Wagering at slot machines; use of slot tokens, prize tokens, gaming
                     vouchers, and coupons
19:46-1.35     Redemption of slot tokens and prize tokens from non-patrons; duty
                     of patrons to surrender slot tokens and prize tokens upon demand
19:46-1.36     Slot tokens and prize tokens; receipt, inventory, security, storage
                     and destruction