Facility Statistics

New Jersey Casino Gaming Economic Impact Reports:

These reports include casino hotel statistics, including a breakdown of table games and slot machines by casino; statements of income(quarter); statements of income (year-to-date); casino hotel occupancy statistics; casino win, gross revenue tax and CRDA obligations; other taxes and fees; casino service industry volume of business; employment by casino; statistics on casino buses and visitors to Atlantic City by travel mode.



First Qtr [pdf 586k]
Second Qtr [pdf 1,507k]
First Qtr [pdf 462k]
Second Qtr [pdf 461k]
Third Qtr [pdf 470k]
Year End [pdf 619k] 
2009 Year End [pdf 471k]
2008 Year End [pdf 470k]
Year End [pdf 465k]
2006 Year End [pdf 469k] 
2005 Year End [pdf 674k]
2004 Year End [pdf 467k]
2003 Year End [pdf 430k]
Historical Operating Statistics Reports can also be found on the Division of Gaming Enforcement website, Historical Statistics web page 

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