Development Review
The Capital City Redevelopment Corporation (CCRC) adopted a twenty-year Capital City Renaissance Plan to guide “the use of lands within the district in a manner which promotes the economic vitality of the district and enhances the quality of the public environment.”

The Capital District Development Review Process has been created to ensure that commercial and residential development in the Capital District (See Capital District Boundary Map) conforms to the goals and standards established in the Capital City Renaissance Plan Urban Code.

By statute all new developments and major modifications of existing developments, as well as major improvements to or installation of streetscaping and landscaping in the Capital District must adhere to the Capital District Development Review Process.

Anyone desiring to engage in development in the Capital District; anyone applying for a special use permit, land use or zoning amendment and/or approvals; or anyone requesting easements or waivers to the City’s zoning ordinances within the Capital District must go through the Capital District Development Review Process with the CCRC staff.

Pre-Submission Meeting (OPTIONAL):

  1. Applicant meets with CCRC staff to discuss the development concept and identify required approvals.
  2. CCRC staff provides the applicant with copies of the development guidelines, applications and the development checklist. Note: The Pre-Submission meeting is optional. Applicants are not required to meet with CCRC staff prior to application submission.
Application Submission

  1. Applicant submits the Capital District Development Review Application and supporting documents to CCRC staff for review.
  2. CCRC staff will perform a cursory review of the application and supporting documents to determine completeness. Applicants are notified within five (5) business days if submission is missing specific data.
  3. Once the cursory review is complete, CCRC staff will begin a formal review of the submission.
  4. Within 10 – 15 business days of submittal of a complete application, the applicant will be notified of any comments and concerns and a debriefing meeting will be scheduled with CCRC staff. Note: Multi-phased projects or financially complex projects may require an additional 15 business day review.
  5. Within 48 hours of the debriefing meeting, CCRC staff will notify the applicant (via written correspondence) of any outstanding issues and/or concerns not resolved during the meeting.
  6. If necessary, the applicant will revise the submission to address any issues or concerns noted during the review meeting. Note: Applicants will have 7 business days to address concerns and return submission to the CCRC office.
  7. Once the revised submission has been received CCRC staff will review the revisions and forward the applicant and partnering agencies a letter of support with recommendations for next steps or a letter of non-support outlining concerns and recommendations. Note: Applicants receiving a letter of non-support are not eligible for funding from the Capital City Redevelopment Corporation Loan & Grant Fund. Additionally, CCRC will recommend no funding support from partnering agencies for the proposed project.
If you have questions regarding the Capital District Development Review Process, please contact Diana Rogers at