Grants & Financing
The Capital City Redevelopment Corporation (CCRC) administers a nonlapsing, revolving fund – the Capital City Redevelopment Loan & Grant Fund.

The Capital City Redevelopment Loan & Grant Fund provides funding – in the form of grants and loans – to governmental entities, nonprofit organizations, private developers, etc. to undertake projects that are in accordance with the goals, objectives and priorities outlined in the Capital City Renaissance Plan and that are located within the Capital District Boundaries (See Capital District Boundary Map). Financial assistance from the CCRC Loan & Grant Fund can be used for any redevelopment project or purpose in the Capital District Boundaries. The interest rates on loans are typically below the prevailing rate of interest and the terms vary.

Since its inception, CCRC has distributed approximately $3.5M in loans and/or grants from the Capital City Loan & Grant Fund. Examples of projects that have received loan and/or grant funding from the Capital City Loan & Grant Fund include the following:

Loans and Grants
In determining whether to approve financing for a project, the corporation will consider the following:
  1. The economic feasibility of the project;
  2. The degree to which the project will advance the goals and objectives set forth in the CCRC Renaissance Plan; and
  3. The likelihood that the project shall, after its completion, be able to repay to the fund all or part of any financing costs incurred.
In addition, the CCRC Board of Directors will take into account the alignment with the CCRC strategic plan and the City of Trenton’s Downtown Master Plan.

If you are interested in applying for financial assistance from CCRC, please complete the CCRC Application for Financial Assistance and return one original of this application along with items indicated in the “Supplemental Application Information” section of the application to CCRC, 28 West State Street, P.O. Box 203, Trenton, NJ 08625.

If you have questions regarding the CCRC Loan & Grant Fund, please contact Monique King-Viehland at