Downtown Trenton Master Plan
Living Trenton
In May 2008, the City of Trenton released the Downtown Capital District Master Plan. This plan sets forth the City’s bold vision for the future of Downtown and identifies a range of development and redevelopment opportunities that, once implemented, will enhance the quality of life of its residents, as well as the lives of thousands of workers and visitors who travel to Trenton each year.

The Downtown Capital District encompasses the Trenton Downtown Business District, the New Jersey State Capital area, the Amtrak/New Jersey Transit station area, and four adjacent historic neighborhoods. Each of these areas within downtown possesses unique characteristics which can be enhanced in order to elevate the multiple roles that downtown plays as the Capital City of New Jersey, the County Seat of Mercer County and the cherished home of Trenton residents.

This Capital District Master Plan is the City of Trenton’s response to the continuing transformation of Downtown. It details the Downtown’s potential for growth along with the obstacles and provides a blueprint for essential change.

This plan in envisioned for implementation by the year 2020. Its successful implementation will be driven by intergovernmental cooperation, public sector investment in Trenton’s infrastructure, and private sector investment in new businesses and residences located downtown.