Renaissance Plan
The Capital City Redevelopment Corporation (CCRC) Capital City Renaissance Plan is a blueprint or roadmap, intended to guide the redevelopment of the Capital District in manner that promotes the economic vitality of the district and enhances the quality of the public environment. It presents a vision of what the Capital District could be, with an idea of the type of development which should be encouraged. The Plan also contains certain an “urban code” to guide design elements within the Capital District.

The guiding principles behind the Capital City Renaissance Plan include:
  • Make downtown Trenton more attractive, inviting and safe;
  • Improve access in and around downtown;
  • Restore traditional linkages to waterways;
  • Promote a diversity of uses;
  • Improve the transportation and parking network downtown;
  • Exploit the historic value of Trenton;
  • Improve the public environment;
  • Enhance the social environment;
  • Enhance and exploit the seat of government; and
  • Strengthen the fiscal situation in Trenton.
This twenty-year Capital City Renaissance Plan establishes an operating framework to attract people and investment to the Capital District.