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Essex County

Bloomfield Farmers Market
  Bloomfield Avenue at State & Liberty Sts. (closest addres is 9 State St.), Bloomfield
  Phone:(973) 429-8050/ Doreen
  Web site:
  Open: July 11th-Oct. 31st, 2013,  Thursdays, 1pm - 7pm
  Community Farmers Market: Variety of fruits and vegetables
  WIC and Senior FMNP vouchers accepted by some farmers

Downtown Millburn Farmers Market

  Essex St. at Town Hall, Millburn
  Directions: See our website for directions
  Phone:(973) 379-2341/ Karen Cummins,  Fax: (973) 379-3027
  Open: June 7th-Oct. 25th, 2013,  Fridays, 8am-2pm
  Community Farmers Market: Variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, organic produce.
  Also Available:  Flowers, frozen to go dinners, Ialian specialties, fresh mozzarella, fresh breads, fish & seafood, chicken entrees, aged beef, pickles, fresh baked goods, gelato

Downtown West Orange Alliance Farmers Market

  Corner of Harrison & Mississippi Ave. (George Quigley Municpal lot), West Orange
  Directions:See our website for directions
  Phone:(973) 325-4109/ Megan Brill,  Fax:
  Open: June - October, 2014,  Fridays, 12pm-6pm
  Community Farmers Market: Variety of fresh fruits & vegetables
  Also Available:  Bread, plants, flowers, specialty items
  WIC and Senior FMNP vouchers accepted by some farmers

Maplewood Farmers' Market

  Corner of Indian St. & Springfield Ave., Municpal Bldg. parking lot, Maplewood
  Directions:See our website for directions
  Phone:(973) 762-8120/ Cesar Correa
  Open: June 9th - Oct. 27th, 2014,  Mondays, 2 pm - 7 pm
  Community Farmers Market: Variety of fresh fruits & vegetables
  Also Available:  Breads, pastries, preserves, cheeses, prepared foods like: steaks, burgers, & crab cakes.
  WIC and Senior FMNP vouchers accepted by some farmers

Montclair Farmer's Market 2.0 @ Montclair Center

   South Park Street, Montclair
  Directions: Bloomfield Ave. to South Park
  Phone:(973) 228-2466 - Steve Schuckman,  Fax: (973) 783-7703
  Web site:
  Open: June 3rd, Nov. 25th, 2014,  Saturdays 1pm- 7pm
  Community Farmers Market: Variety of fresh fruits and vegetables
  Also Available:  Cheese, bread, trail mix, plants, flowers
  WIC and Senior FMNP vouchers accepted by some farmers

NDD Common Greens Farmer's Market

  PSE&G Plaza, 80 Park Place , Newark
  Directions:Between Raymond Blvd. & Park Place
  Phone:(973) 733-9333/ Kim Barton,  Fax:
  Open: June 5th - Nov. 20th, 2014,  Thursdays, 11 am - 3 pm
  Community Farmers Market: Variety of fresh fruits and vegetables
  Also Available:  Artisan breads, pickles, dried fruits & nuts, baked goods, jams & jellies
  SNAP, WIC and Senior FMNP vouchers accepted by some farmers

Nutley Farmers Market

  Franklin Ave. & William Street - Municipal Parking Lot Number 1, Nutley
  Phone:973-284-4978 - Meredith Blank
  Open: June 16th-Oct. 27th, 2013,  Sundays, 9am-2pm
  Community Farmers Market: Variety of Fruits & Vegetables
  Also Available:  Aritisan breads, pickles, olives, pesto, dried fruits and nuts, fresh squeezed lemonade, fresh cut flowers, baked goods, frozen beef, chicken and seafood.
  WIC & Senior FMNP vouchers accepted by some farmers

Roseland Farmers Market

  Corner of Roseland and Harrison Avenues, Borough of Roseland
  Directions:See our website for directions
  Phone:(973) 650-7459/Frank Butterfield,  Fax: 1(630) 473-2629
  Open: June 14th-Nov. 1st, 2013,  Fridays, 12pm- dusk
  Community Farmers Market: Variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, certified organic produce.
  Also Available:  Italian specialties, pepared pastas and sauces, fresh bread, Polish specialties, pestos, cupcakes, pickled vegetables, and more.
  WIC & Senior FMNP vouchers accepted by some farmers.

South Orange Village Center Alliance

  Sloan and First Street parking lot (across from NJ Transit Station), South Orange
  Directions:Intersection of S. Orange Ave. & Valley St., ; Maplewood Exit 78
  Phone:(973) 763- 6899,  Fax: (973) 763-4357
  Open: June 5th-Oct. 30th, 2013,  Wednesdays, 2 - 7 pm
  Community Farmers Market: Variety of fruits and vegetables, Organic vegetables
  WIC and Senior FMNP vouchers accepted by some farmers

The Commons at Washington Park Farmers Market

  Washington & James St., Newark
  Directions:In front of Light Rail
  Phone:(973) 819-5025 Derek Ware'
  Open: June 26th-Oct. 31st, 2013,  Wednesdays, 11am-7pm
  Community Farmers Market: Variety of fuits and vegetables
   WIC & Senior vouchers accepted by some farmers.

The University Hospital Auxiliarys Farmers Market

  In the UMDNJ Plaza, 12th Ave. (near Norfolk St.), Newark
  Directions:In the UMDNJ Plaza & 12th Avenue
  Phone:(973) 972-4059/ Minnie Presley
  Open: June 2nd - Oct. 27th, 2014,  Tuesdays, 10:00am-3:00pm
  Community Farmers Market: Variety of fresh fruits and vegetables
  Also Available:  Home made baked goods, gourmet nuts, honey, spice packets

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