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Governor's Educator of the Year Program Program



Theresa Dougherty

Theresa Dougherty School/District: Roland Rogers Elementary School - Galloway Township School District

Grade Level: 3rd

Teaches: Elementary

Theresa Dougherty graduated from Richard Stockton College with a B.A. in Teacher Education K-8 and Sociology/Anthropology. Presently, she is completing her Master of Arts in Education at Richard Stockton College. Terry has been teaching in the Galloway Township District for thirteen years in grades K-3. She is the recipient of a $10,000 grant and a visit to the White House as the winner of the nationwide teaching contest, The Great American Teach Off. She is the 2012 K-5 New Jersey VFW Teacher of the Year, and Soroptimist International 2012 Woman of Achievement Person of the Year. As a teacher leader, Terry is the facilitator for her professional learning community grade level team, a mentor teacher, and is a presenter for professional development. In the spirit of serving others, she volunteers a great deal of her time to a program she created and coordinates, They Are Heroes Too, tutoring military children. Terry expanded the program partnering with Richard Stockton College.