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Governor's Educator of the Year Program Program



Kathleen Assini

Kathleen Assini School/District: Delsea Regional Middle School - Delsea Regional High School District

Grade Level: 8th, 10th-12th

Teaches: Social Studies

Kathleen Assini received a B.A from Kean University and a M.S.Ed. from Wilkes University. Having taught for 11 years, she has spent the last nine years at Delsea Regional Middle School encouraging 8th graders to investigate Ancient History. For the past two years, Kathy has also taught in Delsea Regional's Alternative High School Program. She is a member of the New Jersey Teacher Advisory Panel and serves on numerous steering committees within her district. As advisor to the Natural Helpers and a member of the Olweus Committee, Kathy works with students and staff to create a safe, accepting and supportive school environment.