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2007-08 State Aid and 2006-07 State Aid, excluding Debt Service
****Cash Basis****

County: MERCER

Total State Aid Payment 2006-07: $16,959,934
    Core Curriculum Aid: $6,228,143
    Supplemental Core Curriculum Aid: $2,998,659
    Education Opportunity Aid: $0
    Transportation Aid: $1,505,578
    Special Education Aid: $4,480,900
    Early Childhood Program Aid: $0
    Demonstrably Effective Program Aid: $0
    Stabilization Aid: $0
    Consolidated Aid: $539,603
    Additional Formula Aid: $1,002,777
    Other Aids Total:1 $953,697
        Bilingual Aid: $517,368
        S. Stabil. Reg. Incen. Aid: $0
        County Vocational Aid Aids: $0
        Adult Education Aid: $0
        FT PS Vocational Aid: $0
        Instrust Supp. Aid: $195,704
        School Choice Aid: $0
        Full Time Kindergarten Supplemental Aid: $0
        Targeted At-Risk Aid: $240,625
        Above Average Enrolment Aid: $0

Total State Aid Payment 2007-2008: $17,709,357
Dollar Increase/Decrease From 2006-07: $749,423
% Change State Aid: 4.4%

  1. Other Aids are Bilingual, County Vocational, F. T. Post-Sec Voc, Instructional Supplement, Adult Education Aid, School Choice Aid, Above Average Enrollment Growth Aid, Targeted At Risk Aid, Full-Day Kindergarten Supplement Aid, and S. Stabilization/Regional Incentive Aid.