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Mcmillion,Malikah S CO Corrections   
Mcmullan,Kelly A HS Human Services   
Mcmullen,Kristi P JU Judiciary  856-756-3440
Mcnair,Shakerra D LP Law & Public Safety   
Mcnair,Tamekia L CF Children And Families  609-625-4913
Mcnair,Tamika K CF Children And Families  609-441-3164
Mcnair-Jackson,Leslie R PD Office Of The Public Defen  
Mcnally,Mark LP Law & Public Safety  609-633-2463
Mcnamara,Kelsey A ST State   
Mcnamara,Kevin M DE Military And Veterans Affa  
Mcnamee,Katherine S HL Health And Senior Services367609-984-3278
Mcnear,Kevin CO Corrections   
Mcneill,Kyle L TP Transportation   
Mcnierney,Kevin J LP Law & Public Safety   
Mcnierney,Mark D LP Law & Public Safety  609-441-3103
Mcpeek,Betty L HS Human Services  908-735-4031
Mcpeek,Diane M CF Children And Families   
Mcpeek,Kevin W TP Transportation  908-479-4851
Mcphaul,Kelly L MV Motor Vehicle Commission   
Mcpherson,Kendra S JU Judiciary   
Mcpherson,Kester A CO Corrections   
Mcpherson,Kimberly V EP Environmental Protection   
Mcpherson,Patrick C CO Corrections   
Mcphie,Kristen A TY Treasury 450973-648-7091
Mcquaid,Brian K TP Transportation  908-479-4851
Mcrae,Vickie HS Human Services  856-696-6000
Mcrae-Kelley,Dewanda HS Human Services   
Mcrae-Wiggins,Keira LP Law & Public Safety   
Mcsherry,Kevin J OI Office Of Information Tech212609-633-0337
Mcstravick,Susan HS Human Services  609-588-4690
Mcsweeney,Kyle C TY Treasury   
Mcveigh,Kelly F TP Transportation 600609-530-2738
Mcvicker,Patricia M EP Environmental Protection 408609-984-7323
Mcvicker,Wendy A ST State 820609-633-6927
Meagher,Patrick R FH Office Of Homeland Securit  
Meakim,Kate C LP Law & Public Safety  609-584-5054
Meale,Rick A BI Banking And Insurance 325609-292-6559
Mechaiel,Amal BI Banking And Insurance 325609-292-5350
Meckel,David M HL Health And Senior Services360609-633-3703
Meckel,Denise M HS Human Services 715609-588-3497
Meckel,Douglas JU Judiciary  609-571-4405
Medina,Karin G JU Judiciary   
Medina,Vanessa BI Banking And Insurance   
Medley,Kimberlee M JU Judiciary  201-527-2700
Medley,Monica D BI Banking And Insurance   
Medley-Stokes,Darcell Q CF Children And Families   
Medvetz,Frank E JU Judiciary  609-341-2014
Meehan,Kevin J HS Human Services  609-861-2164
Meek,David E TY Treasury 221609-292-1460
Meekins,Cozet JU Judiciary  609-571-4273
Meekins,Dawn L TY Treasury 269609-777-5610
Meeks,Kerstin S GO Governor'S Office   
Meeks,Tiffany B LP Law & Public Safety   
Meenakshisundaram,Lakshmi JU Judiciary   
Megnin,Kimberly A CF Children And Families  800-531-1096
Mehrotra,Kamlesh LA Labor  973-648-2519
Mehta,Ashok K HS Human Services 700609-984-5556
Mehta,Kaushal A OI Office Of Information Tech212609-984-4067
Mehta,Vivek N LP Law & Public Safety   
Meierdiercks,Shela CO Corrections 866609-723-4221
Mejia,Olga K MV Motor Vehicle Commission   
Mejia-Sinche,Katherine V CF Children And Families   
Meka,Fatime LP Law & Public Safety   
Mekbeb,Saba JU Judiciary   
Mekhaeil,Magdy PU Board Of The Public Utilit 609-292-2201
Mekhaeil,Maher T TP Transportation   
Mekoba,Charles HS Human Services  732-499-5193
Melaika,Michael JU Judiciary   
Melchiorre,Kathryn M TY Treasury   
Mele,Kyle P CO Corrections   
Melick,Amy E LP Law & Public Safety 080609-984-9495
Melick,Mary N SP State Parole Board 862609-826-5435
Melini,Maryjane BI Banking And Insurance 329609-292-5316
Melitski,David J LP Law & Public Safety  609-882-2000
Melitski,Joel J LP Law & Public Safety  609-882-2000
Mellito,Joseph P BI Banking And Insurance 325609-341-2512
Mellk,Harlan M HS Human Services  973-538-1800
Melnick,Brittany L TY Treasury   
Melnick,Gertrude JU Judiciary   
Melnick,Michael A CO Corrections   
Melnicki,James A CO Corrections   
Melnicki,Katherine R HL Health And Senior Services369609-826-4861
Melnykevich,Stephen J CF Children And Families   
Melton,Trevor K ED Education 500609-341-5293
Melton,Vicky F JU Judiciary  609-345-6700
Member,Nicole K EP Environmental Protection   
Mena,Karina PD Office Of The Public Defen  
Menafra,John K LP Law & Public Safety   
Mencher,Kathleen J HS Human Services   
Mendez,Sandra K CA Community Affairs   
Mendoker,Anne C JJ Juvenile Justice Commissio 609-571-4442
Mendoker,Richard A JJ Juvenile Justice Commissio 732-656-7910
Mendoza,Becky CF Children And Families  201-590-6700
Mendoza,Kathy S LP Law & Public Safety  973-648-2972
Mendoza-Plata,Erika A JU Judiciary   
Mendyk,Anthony JU Judiciary  609-343-2350
Mendyk,Justin A JU Judiciary   
Menegus,Kristen LE Legislature 067609-847-3470
Meng,Frederick W TP Transportation  856-486-6682
Menkens,Kerri J CF Children And Families   

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