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Telemaque,Beatrice TY Treasury  609-633-6568
Telemaque,Curtis HS Human Services 189732-499-5500
Telemaque,Traci A PD Office Of The Public Defen  
Telencio,Diane CA Community Affairs 811609-826-5516
Telfair,Cassandra HS Human Services  609-588-3459
Telfair,Patricia HS Human Services   
Telford,Amy L EP Environmental Protection 422609-633-1457
Telford,Janet M JU Judiciary  973-677-8052
Telford,Marianna HS Human Services   
Teller,Raymond J JU Judiciary  609-465-1107
Tello,Claudia JU Judiciary  973-693-5700
Telsey,Benjamin C JU Judiciary   
Telusma,Eve A DE Military And Veterans Affa  
Temmer,Richard F TP Transportation 604609-530-2392
Tempe,Charles K EP Environmental Protection   
Temperino,Dawn LE Legislature 068609-847-3130
Tempesta,Gerald N PD Office Of The Public Defen850609-984-4035
Temple,Elaine L EP Environmental Protection   
Temple,Martin W HS Human Services   
Temple,Richard TY Treasury 233609-292-3590
Templeton,Elizabeth JU Judiciary   
Templeton,Emily W CA Community Affairs 802609-984-7609
Templeton,Emily W CA Community Affairs 802609-984-7609
Templeton,Jonathan A CA Community Affairs  908-713-0722
Tempone,Maryanne JJ Juvenile Justice Commissio107609-341-5035
Tenaglia,Nolan J LP Law & Public Safety   
Tenaglia,Stacy L TY Treasury 269609-984-6202
Tenbroeck,William R JU Judiciary   
Tenchka,Christine A CO Corrections   
Tencza,George M TP Transportation   
Tencza,Jacqueline HS Human Services 716609-588-2173
Tenczynska,Margaret HS Human Services 771609-633-0859
Tenebruso,Peter V EP Environmental Protection 428609-292-3211
Tenenbaum,Joel S CS Civil Service 310609-984-1774
Teng,Elizabeth M PU Board Of The Public Utilit 609-292-0091
Tengelics,Victoria A JU Judiciary   
Tengi,Eric D EP Environmental Protection   
Tenido,Severino B HS Human Services   
Tennant,Bernard P LP Law & Public Safety   
Tennant,Bryan CO Corrections   
Tennant,Rachael HS Human Services  973-538-1800
Tennant,Terrance LP Law & Public Safety   
Tennet,Kyon W CO Corrections   
Tenney,Marieanne HL Health And Senior Services361908-984-2622
Tennie,Hope TY Treasury   
Tenpenny,Jane E MV Motor Vehicle Commission   
Tenreiro,Juan J PD Office Of The Public Defen  
Tent,Ana PD Office Of The Public Defen  
Tention,Eva M JU Judiciary  609-853-3534
Tenuto,Fredrick J TP Transportation  856-486-6650
Tenzer,Nadine L HL Health And Senior Services  
Teo,Amelia S JU Judiciary  973-395-3020
Teofilak,Heather HS Human Services   
Tephford,Dawn A JU Judiciary  732-431-7498
Tepper,Susan R CO Corrections   
Teran,Pedro A CO Corrections   
Terdik,Anna M JU Judiciary  609-571-4420
Terebetski,Robert W LP Law & Public Safety   
Terentiev,Andrey TP Transportation   
Teresa,Leianne M CF Children And Families   
Terhune,Jason M CO Corrections   
Terhune,Kevin A LP Law & Public Safety   
Terlecki-Pinto,Maria V HS Human Services 712609-631-4641
Termini,Carmine C LA Labor  609-485-0052
Termyna,John LE Legislature 067609-847-3470
Termyna,Susan LP Law & Public Safety   
Ternosky,Thomas D HS Human Services  908-537-2141
Terody,Stephen TP Transportation   
Terracciano,Danielle LP Law & Public Safety   
Terrana,Frank P DE Military And Veterans Affa  
Terranova,Josephine CF Children And Families   
Terranova,Paul LA Labor 649973-648-2966
Terranova,Raymond D HS Human Services 699000-000-0000
Terrell,Dapaque M CF Children And Families  908-820-3000
Terrell,Glender ED Education 500609-777-0800
Terrell,Kenneth JU Judiciary  973-693-5794
Terrezza,Louis A DE Military And Veterans Affa  
Terrigno,Beatrice JU Judiciary  609-453-4334
Terrigno,Melissa A CO Corrections   
Terrizzi,Mark TP Transportation  732-297-0671
Terry,Anthony L CO Corrections   
Terry,Carl A CO Corrections   
Terry,Chantell V TY Treasury 628609-633-0161
Terry,Christina E CA Community Affairs 804609-984-1704
Terry,David CF Children And Families  732-493-4470
Terry,David HS Human Services  609-861-2164
Terry,Evelyn M HS Human Services   
Terry,James D EP Environmental Protection  609-984-3858
Terry,Jeffery H HS Human Services  973-538-1800
Terry,Jill S MV Motor Vehicle Commission 123609-984-1121
Terry,John N CA Community Affairs 802609-984-7607
Terry,Lloyd B SP State Parole Board   
Terry,Nakia S CO Corrections   
Terry,Phyllis HS Human Services  973-538-1800
Terry,Robert L HS Human Services  609-861-2164
Terry,Ruby LP Law & Public Safety  609-292-4653
Terry,Sandra JU Judiciary  609-571-4015
Terry,Valerie J CF Children And Families 560973-648-2651
Terry,Valo T CO Corrections   
Tershana,Daniel E CF Children And Families  973-631-6410

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