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Date/Time:  Tuesday, August 4, 2015 at 12:00:28
Category Product Manufacturer File Number Status
Asphalt PG 64-22 in polyskin packaging Maxwell Products 14-035 Active
Asphalt - Additives SOUP HALIK LTD 14-023 Active
Bridge Deck Overlay FastSet Latex Modified DOT Overlay .50" Quikrete Co. 14-011 NA1
Bridge Deck - Joints Phyzite 380/CEVA 250 System Chase Construction Products 09-020 ES
Bridge Deck - Joints Phyzite 380/CEVA 100 System Chase Construction Products 09-021 ES
Bridge Deck - Joints Silspec 1000 SSC 10-009 Demo1
Bridge Deck - Joints Delastic_LS DS Brown 10-026 Active
Bridge Deck - Joints V-Seal D. S. Brown Co. 10-027 Active
Bridge Deck - Joints Silicoflex RJ Watson, Inc. 05-014 Demo1
Bridge Deck - Joints APJ Expansion Joint System Wyoming Equipment Sales 05-032 JS
Bridge Deck - Joints Wabo SPS Joint System Watson Bowman Acme 12-011 Active
Bridge Deck - Joints BEJS EMSEAL Joint Systems 13-026 Demo 1
Bridge Deck - Joints Dow Corning 902 RCS Joint Sealant Dow Corning Corporation 13-030 Demo 1
Bridge Deck Overlay MasterSeal 350 BASF Construction Systems 14-040 Active
Bridge Deck Overlay Master Emaco N 425 BASF Construction Systems 14-041 Active
Bridges and Structures - Culverts Bolt-A-Plate Big R Bridge 12-019 JS
Bridges and Structures - Culverts Super-Cor Big R Bridge 12-018 JS
Bridges and Structures - Misc Bridge in a Backpack Advanced Infrastructure Technology, LLC 10-025 Demo - 3
Bridges and Structures - Misc Aqua-Barrier Hydro-Solutions, Inc. 05-024 ES
Bridges and Structures - Misc InsulFoam GF (Geofoam) Insulfoam 11-020 Active
Bridges and Structures - Misc TurnAnut DTI TurnaSure, LLC 12-015 Active
Bridges and Structures - Misc SmartPile EDC ( Embedded Data Collector) Smart Structures 12-021 Demo3
Bridges and Structures - Misc Safestrip Strongwell 13-021 Demo 3
Bridges and Structures - Misc Duradek and Duragrid Strongwell 13-022 Active
Bridges and Structures - Misc Euco Cable Grout PTX The Euclid Chemical Company 14-004 Active
Bridges and Structures - Misc GatorBridge CMI Limited Company 15-002 JS
Bridges and Structures - Waterproofing Metacryl WS RPM - Belgium N. V. 09-008 Active
Bridges and Structures - Waterproofing Mark 155 Uregrid Poly Carb - Dow Chem 10-032 Demo2
Bridges and Structures - Waterproofing BDM Bridge Preservation, LLC 05-015 Demo3
Bridges and Structures - Waterproofing HYCRETE X-1002 Hycrete, Inc. 13-003 Demo3
Bridges and Structures - Waterproofing INFRA-GARD PK-4300 The Princton Keyes Group, Inc 14-003 Active
Bridges and Structures - Waterproofing Polyflex Bridge Systems Wasser Coatings, Inc 14-031 Active
Concrete Rimanite CCS Materials, Inc. 10-004 Demo3
Concrete Hiper-Lon Macro Hipertex Armor Group 14-008 Active
Concrete MasterLife CRA 007 BASF Corporation 14-016 Active
Concrete - Admixtures Hard-Cem Integral Concrete Hardener Cementec Industries 09-009 NC
Concrete - Admixtures Powerpozz Metakaolin Grace Division 09-017 Demo3
Concrete - Admixtures Whitemud Whitemud Resources 10-013 Demo3
Concrete - Admixtures Hydrocure Northeast Solite Corporation 12-022 Demo3
Concrete - Admixtures PREVent-C Premier CPG 12-026 Active
Concrete - Electrical Precast Footings for Electrical Boxes Garden State Precast 11-001 Active
Concrete - Reinforcing ASLAN FRP Hughes Brothers, Inc. 09-003 Active
Concrete - Reinforcing MutliMesh New NYCON Inc. 09-013 Active
Concrete - Reinforcing Galvanized Prestressing Strand Bekaert Corp. 10-029 NC
Concrete - Reinforcing Low Relaxation 7-Wire Epoxy Coated Strand Sumiden Wire Products 11-002 Active
Concrete - Reinforcing Kodi Klip Kodi Klip Corp. 05-040 ES - NJDOT 504.03.01 E
Concrete - Reinforcing TegaBond Substrate, Inc 06-004 Demo3
Concrete - Reinforcing V-ROD Pultrall 11-034 Active
Concrete - Reinforcing RC Wire RC Wire 12-013 Active
Concrete - Reinforcing Gridform Strongwell 13-020 Active
Concrete - Reinforcing LDX 2101 Duplex Stainless Reinforcing Bar Outikumpu Stainless 14-012 Demo 3
Concrete - Reinforcing Fiber Reinforced Polymers Carbon Fiber Material V2 Composites System 14-028 Active
Concrete - Reinforcing TYPO SCH-41 FYFE Company 14-032 Active
Concrete - Repair Phoscrete Four -Seasons Phoscrete Corporation 14-030 Active
Concrete Sealers Dural 50 LM Euclid Chemical Co. 09-011 Demo3
Concrete Sealers V-Seal 101 Camco 05-025 Closed
Concrete Sealers V-Seal 102-V4 Camoco 05-026 Closed
Concrete Sealers TegaSeal Substrate, Inc. 06-020 Closed
Construction - Misc Dust Stop Cypher International Ltd. 05-044 ES - NJDOT 158.03.02
Drainage Stormrax Plastic Solutions, Inc. 09-005 Demo3
Drainage CCFRPM Pipe HOBAS Pipe USA 09-019 JS
Drainage Geostorage Geo Storage Corp 10-006 JS
Drainage Retrofit Curb Inlet Cover KZ Environmental Group 07-008 JS
Drainage Filtrexx InletSoxx Filtrexx International 05-042 ES - NJDOT 919.02
Drainage Center Barrier Insert Campbell - ERS 11-032 Demo3
Drainage Polycast Hubbel Lenoir City, Inc. 11-045 Active
Drainage InfraSteel Arntzen Corp 12-002 Active
Drainage Pro-Ring Cretex Specialty Products 12-008 Active
Drainage Thirsty Duck & Early Riser Beds Thirsty Duck, LTD 12-012 Active
Drainage ADS HP Storm Pipe Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. 13-009 Demo 2
Drainage Interceptor A-67 w/Polydrain Channel ABT, Inc 13-013 Active
Drainage TrenchFormer TFX w/ Varied Grating ABT, Inc 13-014 Active
Drainage TrenchFormer MHD 8 ABT, Inc 13-015 Active
Drainage TrenchFormer MHD 12 ABT, Inc 13-016 Active
Drainage Polydrain Channel w/various grates ABT, Inc 13-017 Active
Drainage Polydrain PDX w/varied grating ABT, Inc 13-018 Active
Drainage DuroMaxx Steel Reinforced Polythylene Contech Engineered Solutions 13-035 Active
Drainage Pivoted Turnbuckle Manhole Riser American Highway Products, Ltd 14-029 NC
Drainage Dynaliner Dynal Liner LLC 15-010 Active
Drainage - Pipe Repair Nyoplast Drainage Structures Nyoplast 06-017 NC
Drainage - Pipe Repair PL 12,000 AP/M Permaform 11-035 Active
Drainage - Pipe Repair PL 8,000 AP/M Permaform 11-036 Active
Drainage - Pipe Repair Geo Spray Geo Tree Technologies, Inc, 12-003 Active
Drainage - Pipe Repair Styream Liner UV- CIPP light cured liner Light Stream 12-020 Active
Drainage-Pipe Repair SC-Pox Source 1 Environmental 13-008 Active
Drainage-Pipe Repair Spraywall Sprayroq Inc. 13-023 NC
Electrical Induction Cobra Head Lighting American Green Technology 13-007 NA2
Electrical Induction Cobra Head Lighting American Green Technology 13-007 NA2
Environmental Nuguard Shield Nuedge Industries 09-006 JS
Environmental 3in. Decorative Alum Post Special Lite Products 09-007 JS
Environmental Aquathane Euclid Chemical Co. 09-012 Demo3
Environmental Acousticfiber Acoustical Solutions, Inc. 09-015 JS
Environmental Streetprint XD Integrated Paving Concepts 10-003 JS
Environmental Armex Church & Dwight 10-028 Demo3
Environmental Graffiti Solutions Systems american Polymer Corp 07-005 Closed
Environmental Eco Sound Barrier Centria 11-015 Active
Environmental WTS2000 Starr Water Treatment Systems 13-027 Active
Environmental InvisaGuard-Sacrificial Surface Solutions, LLC 14-019 Demo 3
Environmental - Noise Wall Noise D-Fence Paragon Noise Barriers, Inc. 11-031 Active
Environmental - Noise Wall JBM 75 Concrete Safety Systems 12-016 Active
Environmental - Noise Wall Fanwall The Reniforced Earth Company 13-033 Active
Environmental - Safety Wall CLEARVU-Invisible Wall Cochrane USA, INC 12-023 JS
Environmental - Safety Wall CLEARVU-Invisible Wall Cochrane USA, INC 12-023 JS
Equipment HydroTracker Donald G. Geisel & Associates 10-015 Demo1
Equipment Power Cover Power Cover USA 11-008 ES
Equipment Scorpion Trailer Attenuator Traffix Devices, Inc. 07-007 AP - Service Category 3
Equipment Carbide Grinding Donegal Construction Corp. 05-0118 Closed
Equipment Active Blade Adapter System (ABAS) B. J. L. supplies 05-023 Closed
Equipment Trash Transfer Liners S.E.P. Industrial 13-037 NC
Equipment - Safety Vanguard VP-1300 Daktronics, Inc. 05-081 ES - NJDOT 2007 - 1001.02
Equipment - Testing Moisture and Density Indicator ( M +DI ) Durham Geo Slope Indicator 06-014 Active
Equipment - Testing IntelliRock System Engius, LLC 06-016 Closed
Geotextile Nonwoven Needlepunched Geotextile GSE NW 4 GSE Lining Technology, Inc 05-072 ES - NJDOT 919.01
Geotextile Nonwoven Needlepunched Geotextile GSE NW 6 GSE Lining Technology, Inc 05-073 ES - NJDOT 919.01
Geotextile STAR Grid G-PS100 Synteen Luckenhaus Tesxil Technologie 14-026 Active
Geotextile Tensar TriAx Geogrid Tensar International Corp. 14-042 Active
Landscaping Hydrostraw Hydrostraw LLC 09-002 NC
Landscaping Stockosorb 660 SNF Holding 09-027 Active
Landscaping Sediment Control Roll ERTEC Environmental Systems, LLC 05-012 Closed
Landscaping Universal Weed Cover Damon Enterprise 05-016 Closed
Landscaping Filtrexx Living wall Filtrexx International 05-080 NC
Landscaping Hydrostraw Guar Plus Formulation Hydrostraw, LLC 11-017 Active
Landscaping Hydrostraw Boned Fiber Matrix Hydrostraw LLC 11-018 Active
Landscaping Mulch & Grow Terrain LOK BRM Carolina Precision Fibers 14-044 Active
Maintenance - Misc Guard Rail Trash Screen Campbell 10-002 Active
Maintenance - Misc ASPHASOL N-01 NOF Corp 11-019 ES-1009.02
Maintenance - Misc Polyflex DS Gray Roklin Systems, Inc 14-024 Active
Maintenance - Misc Concrete Welder Gray Roklin Systems, Inc 14-025 Active
Maintenance Operations Liquid Snow Melt, LLC Global Bio Chem 13-036 NC
PCCP - Misc MasterFlow 928 BASF Construction Systems 14-039 ES
Paint POR 15 POR-15, Inc. 09-024 Demo1
Paint Magneline Magne Corp. 10-001 JS
Paint Stop Rust Cantol USA, Inc. 11-013 Active
Paint Tru-Nano-Metal Armor Evolution Surfaces 11-021 NA2
Paint Tru-Nano Concrete Armor Evolution Surfaces 11-022 NA2
Paint Tru-Nano Multi-Surface Evolution Surfaces 11-023 NA2
Paint Powder Coating/Fusion Bonding Epoxy Lane Enterprises, INC 11-042 NC
Paint Powder Coating over galanized steel Lane Enterprises, Inc. 11-043 NC
Paint Powder coating over organice zinc rich primer Lane Enterprises. Inc. 11-044 NC
Paint Chlor-Rid Soluble salt Remover (DTS) CHLOR RID International 14-015 Active
Paint Chlor-Rid CSN Test Kit for Chlorides, sulfates, & Nitrates CHLOR RID International 14-016 Active
Paint Chlor RID Soluble Remover (concentrate) CHLOR RID International 14-017 Active
Paint - Coatings STOPAQ Seal for Life Industries 13-032 Active
Patch - Asphalt Aquaphalt Hi-Tech Asphalt Solutions 12-031 JS
Patching - Asphalt Bond-X Green Seaboard Asphalt 09-001 Referred
Patching - Asphalt Fast-Setting Asphalt Pothole Patch Quikrete 09-016 JS
Patching - Asphalt EZ Sstreet Cold Aaphalt The EZ STREET Company 05-055 BDC1
Patching - Asphalt DOT - Pothole Filler Chemical Resource Corporation 05-063 Closed
Patching - Asphalt U.S. Cold Patch Bonal American Inc. 11-025 Demo1
Patching - Asphalt Insta Pave Pothole Patch ICP, Inc 14-021 Demo 3
Patching - Asphalt Nuvo CS B Maxwell Products Inc 14-036 Active
Patching - Asphalt Nuvo Elite B Maxwell Products Inc 14-037 Active
Patching - Asphalt Five Star Rapid surface Repair PF 60 Five Start Products 15-006 Demo-1
Patching - Asphalt Aqua Patch Aqua Patch Road Materials LLC 15-014 Active
Patching - Asphalt Terra Patch for Asphalt Terra Pave Interantional 15-017 Active
Patching - Concrete Terra Patch for Concrete-Pavement Terra Pave International 15-018 Active
Patching - PCCP Pavemend TR Cera-Tech, Inc. 05-020 ES
Patching - PCCP FastPatch MDGC Willamette Valley Company 12-027 Demo3
Patching - PCCP EJC-25 Williamette Valley Company 12-028 Demo3
Patching - Universal Aquaphalt Road Stone Productions, LLC 11-016 Active
Pavement Flatliner Keystone Engineering 10-014 Active
Pavement Endurablend Tensar International corp. 10-017 Demo3
Pavement Trupave Paving Mat Owens Corning 05-034 Closed
Pavement AC Asphalt ICF Concrete Additives, LLC 14-005 Active
Pavement Zyco Therm Zydex 15-007 Active
Pavement Nanotac Zydex 15-008 Active
Pavement Terra Prime Terra Pave International Inc 15-009 Active
Pavement Mastic One Crafco 15-012 Active
Pavement Top - Seal Black Terra Pave International 15-016 Active
Pavement - Anti Icing Verglimit Infrastructure Limited 05-011 Closed
Pavement - Dowels Mateendowel Pultron Composites 10-010 JS
Pavement - Environmental Ecocreto Ecocreto USA, Inc. 05-056 Demo3
Pavement - Environmental Cafco TechPrint Crafco, Inc. 05-077 Demo1
Pavement - Environmental Crafco HFS Crafco, Inc. 05-078 Demo1
Pavement - Misc Armor Stone Washington Rock Quarries 12-006 Active
Pavement - Misc StormcreteTM Porous Technologies 13-025 NC
Pavement - Misc Em-50-TT Seaboard Asphalt 13-028 Active
Pavement - Misc AggreBind. Aggrebind Inc. 13-031 Active
Pavement - Misc Raditeck AC 60 ICF Concrete Additives, LLC 14-006 Active
Pavement - Misc RADITECK AC 50 ICF Concrete Additives, LLC 14-007 Active
Pavement - Reinforcement GeoGrid Tensar Internationals 10-019 Demo3
Pavement - Repair High Performance Blacktop Repair Package Pavement Company 12-010 Demo 3
Pavement - Repair Deery 101 Crafco, Inc 15-001 Active
Piles Fiberglass Composite Pilings Pearson Pilings LLC 10-005 Closed
Piles Superpile - Pultruded Fender Piles Creative Pultrusions, Inc. 12-004 Demo2
Pipe Repair PolySpray FS Hunting Pipeline Services 06-009 Active
Protective Coating EonCoat EonCoat LLC 12-032 Active
Retaining Wall Hilfiker Welded Wire Wall Hilfiker Retaining Walls 07-003 ES
Retaining Wall Dura Hold Faddis Construction Products 10-011 ES
Retaining Wall Allan Block Retaining Wall Clayton Block Company 10-030 NC
Retaining Wall Diamond Pro Concrete Grinnell 05-019 Closed
Retaining Wall Rockwood Classic System Capitol Ornamental 05-045 Closed
Retaining Wall RETT-Wall J&R Slaw Precast 11-033 ES
Retaining Wall Universal Wall Northeast Prestressed Products 12-024 Closed
Retaining Wall Sierra Wall II Smith-Midland 13-002 Demo3
Safety Detectable Warning Plates Neenah Foundry 14-010 Demo 3
Safety - Barriers Zoneguard Hill & Smith, Inc. 09-025 JS
Safety - Barriers Barrierguard 800 Barrier Systems, Inc. 05-038 JS
Safety - Barriers SB-1-TL Safety Barriers, inc. 05-052 NA2
Safety - Barriers FLEAT - MT Road Systems, Inc. 05-058 ES
Safety - Barriers Gibraltar Cable Barrier System TL-4 Gibraltar 05-061 Closed
Safety - Barriers Gibraltar Cable Barrier System TL-3 Gibraltar 05-062 Closed
Safety - Barriers Barrierguard 800 Highway Care 11-027 JS
Safety - Barriers Barrierguard 800 MDS9 (Minimum Deflection System) Highway Care, Ltd. 11-028 JS
Safety - Barriers Barrierguard 800 Gate Highway Care, Ltd. 11-029 JS
Safety - Barriers Barrierguard 800 VLB (Variable Length Barrier) Highway Care, Ltd. 11-030 JS
Safety - Barriers Armor Guard Barrier Lindsey Transportation Solutions 13-010 Demo 3
Safety - Barriers Armor Guard Gate Lindsey Transportation Solutions 13-011 Demo 3
Safety - Barriers Mobile Barrier Trailer Mobile Barrier, LLC 13-.39 Active
Safety - Barriers Safe-T-Curve Lindsay Transporation 14-017 Active
Safety - Bridge Rail MDS Bridge Rail System Trinity Highway Products 09-014 ES
Safety - Crash Attenuators/Cushions SCI 70GM SCI Products, Inc. 05-048 BDC1
Safety - Crash Attenuators/Cushions SSCC (Single Sided Crash Cushion) Road Systems, Inc. 06-012 BDC2
Safety - Crash Attenuators/Cushions 2005 TRACC End Terminal Trinity Highway Safety Products 06-019 BDC2
Safety - Crash Attenuators/Cushions CrashGard Plastic Safety Systems, Inc 11-014 ES - NJDOT 611.03.01
Safety - Crash Attenuators/Cushions X-Tenuator Barrier Systems Inc. 11-024 Active
Safety - Crash Attenuators/Cushions Compressor Attenuator Traffix Devices, Inc. 12-014 Active
Safety - Crash Attenuators/Cushions SLED Traffix Devices, Inc 13-034 Active
Safety - Crash Attenuators/Cushions Universal TAU-II-R Lindsay Transporation/Barrier Systems 14-022 Active
Safety - Delineation BAM Plastic Safety Systems, Inc. 05-054 ES - NJDOT 911.03
Safety - Delineation E-Base surface mount post Flexstake, Inc. 05-060 ES - CD 617-2.2
Safety - Delineation Safety Smart Delineator Grand Haven Plastics, Inc. 06-023 ES - NJDOT 911.03
Safety - Delineation Hot DOT PEXCO LLC/Davidison Traffic Control Products 11-026 Active
Safety - Delineation Shur-tite Cable Barrier Delineator Shur-Tite Products 11-037 NC
Safety - Delineation Shur-curb Traffic Separator Shur-Tite Products 11-038 JS
Safety - Delineation Shur-flex Surface Mount Delineator Shur-Tite Products 11-039 ES
Safety - Delineation Shur-tite Guard Rail Delineator Shur-Tite Products 11-040 ES
Safety - Delineation Shur-flex Driveable Delineator Shur-Tite Products 11-041 ES
Safety - Guide Rail BEAT - BP Road Systems, Inc. 06-011 ES - NA2 - NJDOT Roadway Design Manual Section
Safety - Misc Aluminum Picket Handrail Giralt Enterprises, Inc. 05-010 Closed
Safety - Misc Armor-Tile Engineered Plastics, Inc. 05-013 ES
Safety - Misc NextStep Zumar Industries 05-022 ES
Safety - Misc ATM Detectable Warning Mat Advance Traffic Markings 05-041 ES - NJDOT 606.03.03 & 919.14
Safety - Misc Granite Truncated Dome Pavers Cold Spring Granite Company 05-046 ES - NJDOT 606.03.03 & 919.14
Safety - Misc Armorcast Detectable Warning Panel Armorcast Products, Co. 06-021 ES - NJDOT 606.03.03 & 919.14
Safety - Roadway Roadquake Plastic Safety Systems, Inc. 10-008 Demo3
Safety - Roadway High Friction Surfacing High Friction , LLC 10-022 Demo1
Safety - Roadway Silspec Re-Deck Silicon Specialties, Inc. 10-024 Demo3
Safety - Roadway ATM Removable Rumble Strip Advance Traffic Markings 05-004 Demo-3
Safety - Roadway Duratherm - Streetprint Integrated Paving Concepts, Inc. 05-005 JS
Safety - Signs DG3 Series 4000 3M 09-004 Demo1
Safety - Signs Snap N Safe Designovations, Inc. 09-026 Demo1
Safety - Signs M-POD Mid-Pack Inc. 10-016 Closed
Safety - Signs Omni Rigid PVC Posts Omni Rigid Posts 10-023 NC
Safety - Signs Proflect 360 Proflect, LLC 11-003 Active
Safety - Signs Fiberbrite US Highway Products 11-004 Active
Safety - Signs Everlast Signs Tech Products, Inc. 05-039 NA2
Safety - Signs Fluorescent Orange Series 3924S Sheeting 3M Corp. 05-075 ES
Safety - Signs Break-Safe Transpo Industires, Inc. 06-013 ES - Current Standard Systems for NJDOT
Safety - Signs MicroStrate Sign Substrate Image MicroSystems 12-005 Demo2
Safety - Signs Fiber Brite American Fiber Technologies 14-002 NC
Safety - Signs EcoStrate Traffic 025 EcoStrate SFS, Inc. 14-043 NC
Safety - TMA/TTMA TTMA-100 Gregory Industries, Inc. 11-012 Active
Safety - Traffic Control Device JJ Hooks Percast Barriers Jersey Precast Corp 09-010 NC
Safety - Traffic Control Device TD7500 Slim Line Traffic Cone 3D Traffic Works 07-004 ES - CD617-1.2
Safety - Traffic Control Device Instalert Rapid Messenger Intuitive Control Systems, LLC 05-002 NC
Safety - Traffic Control Device SPEEDsentry Intuitive Control Systems, LLC 05-003 Closed
Safety - Traffic Control Device Cordonator Eagle Manufacturing Company 05-006 NC
Safety - Traffic Control Device 24 Hour Flashing Beacon JSF Technologies 05-007 Demo1
Safety - Traffic Control Device Pedestrian Activated Crosswlk Beacon JSF Technologies 05-008 NC
Safety - Traffic Control Device School Zone Flasher JSF Technologies 05-009 NC
Safety - Traffic Control Device IRS Tubular Markers Impact Recovery Systems, Inc. 05-027 NC
Safety - Traffic Control Device Impact Recovery Vertcal Panel Impact Recovery System, Inc. 05-028 Closed
Safety - Traffic Control Device FG300 Curb System Bunzl Extrusions - Davidson Plastics 05-029 JS
Safety - Traffic Control Device Impact Recovery Delineator Post Impact Recovery System, Inc. 05-031 ES - NJDOT 2007 CD 617-2
Safety - Traffic Control Device IntelliStrobe AFAD W1-AG IntelliStrobe Safety Systems, Inc. 05-035 NC
Safety - Traffic Control Device Navigator Plastic Safety Systems 05-053 ES - CD 617-1.2
Safety - Traffic Control Device The Warning Bump TSRllc 05-057 NC
Safety - Traffic Control Device T3B Barricade Filtrona Extrusion 06-022 ES - NJDOT Standard Detail 617-1.3
Safety - Traffic Control Device IRS Guardrail Delineator Impact Recovery Systems, Inc. 11-009 Active
Safety - Traffic Control Device IRS Tuff Curb XLP Impact Recovery Systems, Inc. 11-010 Active
Safety - Traffic Control Device Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon TAPCO, Inc. 11-011 Active
Safety - Traffic Control Device BlinkerSign TAPCO 12-007 Active
Safety - Traffic Control Device SwiftSign Versilis Inc. 12-029 Active
Safety - Traffic Control Device SwiftGate Versilis Inc. 12-030 Active
Safety - Traffic Control Device BlinkerBeacon Solar LED Beacon Tapco Inc 13-001 Active
Safety - Traffic Control Device ABSORB 350 Barrier Systems, Inc 13-004 Active
Safety - Traffic Control Device Brick ADDCO 14-009 Active
Safety - Traffic Control Device Migma PD Migma Intersection, Migma Midblock Migma Systems, Inc 14-027 Active
Safety - Traffic Control Device SolarMarkers MS-127 Solarmarkers, Co 14-034 Active
Safety - Traffic Control Device Curve Advisory Reporting Service (CARS) Rieker Inc. 14-038 Active
Safety - Traffic Control Device J-J Hooks MASH TL3 Licensor-Easi-Set Worlwide 14-045 JS
Safety - Traffic Control Device PTL2.4LD North America Traffic Inc. 15-004 Active
Safety - Traffic Control Device AXI Shield Traffic Calming USA 15-005 Active
Safety - Traffic Control Device BlinkerRadar TAPCO 15-011 Active
Soil Erosion - Sediment Control HF 5000 Tack Rantec Corp 12-009 Active
Soil Erosion/Sediment Control Filtrexx SiltSoxx Filtrexx International 05-030 JS
Soil Erosion/Sediment Control Ultra-Storm Wattle Ultra Tech, Inc. 05-033 Demo3
Soil Erosion/Sediment Control Filtrexx Ditch Chexx Filtrexx International 05-043 NC
Soil Erosion/Sediment Control EcoTac Guar GG-1200 Apex Resources, Inc. 05-064 NC
Soil Erosion/Sediment Control Eco E - Tac Apex Resources, Inc. 05-065 NC
Soil Erosion/Sediment Control EcoGel Apex Resources, Inc. 05-066 NC
Soil Erosion/Sediment Control EcoFlex Flexible Control Medium (FCM) Canadian Forest Products PF Division 05-067 ES - SES Standards
Soil Erosion/Sediment Control EcoAegis Canadian Forest Products PF Division 05-068 ES - SES Standards
Soil Erosion/Sediment Control Eco Fibre Canadian Forest Products PF Division 05-069 ES - SES Standards
Soil Erosion/Sediment Control EcoFibre + Tac Canadian Forest Products PF Division 05-070 ES - SES Standards
Soil Erosion/Sediment Control EcoMatrix Stabilized Fiber Matrix (SFM) Canadian Forest Products PF Division 05-071 ES - SES Standards
Soil Erosion/Sediment Control Filtrexx EdgeSaver Filtrexx International 05-079 ES - SES Standards
Soil Erosion/Sediment Control Scotch-Weld Hold Fast70 3M Corp. 12-001 Active
Soil Erosion/Sediment Control Top-Seal White Terra Pave International Inc. 15-015 Active
Soil Stabilization EarthZyme Cypher International Ltd 05-047 NC
Structural - Bridge SA-47 Bearing Pads Fabreeka International, Inc. 06-001 ES - NJDOT 2007 - 907.03
Structural - Bridge Fabreeka (Bearing) Pads Fabreeka International, Inc. 06-002 ES - NJDOT 2007 - 907.03
Structural - Bridge Fabreeka PTFE Bearings Fabreeka International, Inc. 06-003 ES - NJDOT 2007 - 907.03
Structural - Bridge Hanson Arch Hanson Pipe & Products 06-018 Closed
Structural - Bridge FiberSPAN Composite Advantage ( CA) LLC 13-005 Active
Structural - Bridge Dowel Basket VIMCO, INC 13-006 ES
Structural - Bridge Harborpile Harbor Technologies 13-012 Active
Structural - Bridge Lindapter Girder Clamps Lindapter International 13-019 JS
Structural - Bridge Connical Connection System Encon Solutions 13-024 Active
Structural - Bridge Concrete Protection for Bridge Pier Caps Clifton Metal Products 13-038 Active
Structural - Foundation Shaner Industries Metal Foundation System Shaner Industries LLC 13-029 JS
Structures Sine Wall Sine Wall, LLC 10-031 Active
Traffic - Sign Sheeting Oralite Orafol Reflective Solutions Americas 12-017 Demo3
Traffic - Sign Sheeting 3M Diamond Grade DG 3 Reflective Sheeting Series 400 3M Company 15-013 Demo 3
Traffic Markings - Permanent Striping Director HP-60 Swarco America 08-002 Closed
Traffic Markings - Permanent Striping Poly-Carb Mark 55.6 Poly Carb, Inc. 10-007 Demo2
Traffic Markings - Permanent Striping Deltaline XRP Brite-Line Technologies 10-018 Demo2
Traffic Markings - Permanent Striping Deltaline HDX Brite-Line Technologies 10-020 Demo3
Traffic Markings - Permanent Striping ATM 300 Advance Traffic Markings 05-049 NA1
Traffic Markings - Permanent Striping ATM 400 Advance Traffic Markings 05-050 NA2
Traffic Markings - Permanent Striping ATM 300C Advance Traffic Markings 05-051 NA2
Traffic Markings - Permanent Striping Stamark 380 WR ES 3M Corp. 05-074 Demo1
Traffic Markings - Permanent Striping Director 60A White Swarco America 06-005 NA2
Traffic Markings - Permanent Striping Director 60A Yellow Swarco America 06-006 NA2
Traffic Markings - Permanent Striping High Build Waterborne Traffic Paint Ennis Paint, Inc. 06-007 Demo3
Traffic Markings - Permanent Striping Epoplex LS70 Epolplex, Div. of StonCor Group, Inc. 06-010 Demo3
Traffic Markings - Permanent Striping Fastrack XRS Ennis Paint, Inc. 06-015 Closed
Traffic Markings - Permanent Striping Stamark High Performance All Weather Tape Series 380AW and 381AW 3M 14-018 Active
Traffic Markings - Permanent Striping Stanmark High performance Tape series 380 IES 3M Corp. 14-020 Active
Traffic Markings - Permanent Striping HP-7 Structured Methyl Methacrylate ( MMA) Ennis-Flint 14-033 Active
Traffic Markings - RPM YH-DD1 Solar Cap Lighting ( Infinity Inc.) 12-025 Active
Traffic Markings - RPM Astucia SolarLite Road Stud Clearview Traffic Group, Inc 15-003 Active
Traffic Markings - Special Symbols Premark 125 Mil Flint Trading Inc. 11-005 Demo - 3
Traffic Markings - Special Symbols Premark Vizi Grip Flint Trading Inc. 11-006 NC
Traffic Markings - Special Symbols Traffic Patterns Flint Trading Inc. 11-007 NC
Traffic Markings - Temporary Striping Deltaline XRP-R Brite-Line Industries 10-019 ES
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