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Office of Community Programs
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OCP RCRP Information
1 Ballington House, Elizabeth, NJ

Bo Robinson Assessment and Treatment Center - Trenton, NJ

3 Bo Robinson Columbus House - Trenton, NJ
4 Broughton House - Newark, NJ
5 Clinton House - Trenton, NJ
6 CURA, Inc. - Newark, NJ
7 Fenwick House - Paterson, NJ
8 Field House - East Orange, NJ
9 Fletcher House - Camden, NJ
10 Garrett House - Camden, NJ
11 The Harbor - Newark, NJ
12 Hope Hall - Camden, NJ
13 Kintock Bridgeton - Bridgeton, NJ
14 Kintock Newark Female Correctional Treatment - Newark, NJ
15 Kintock Newark Male Correctional Treatment
16 Kintock Newark Male Work Release
17 Talbot Hall Assessment and Treatment Center - Kearny, NJ
18 Tully House - Newark, NJ
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