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Office of Community Programs
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OCP Units

The Office of Community Programs requires five (5) distinct units to effectively manage the various aspects of the New Jersey Department of Corrections' Residential Community Release Programs.

Office of Community Programs Units

  • Assignment Unit

  • Contract
    Compliance Unit
  • Contract
    Administration Unit
  • Special Projects Unit

  • Intensive Supervision
    Program Unit (ISP)
  • Collaborate with the Institutional Community Release Coordinators to obtain appropriate applications
  • Screen RCRP applications to ensure appropriateness of inmates
  • Assign inmates to appropriate RCRP placement (including Assessment Centers)
  • Develop and maintain necessary databases for accurate tracking of inmates
  • Track RCRP Inmate movement through the NJDOC continuum of care
  • Reconcile bi-weekly and monthly billing invoices
  • Oversee and Monitor the Residential Community Release Programs (RCRPs)
  • Assign Contract Administrators to specific RCRP facilities
  • Conduct routine contract compliance monitoring for immediate corrective action, culminating in an annual performance evaluation
  • Develop and maintain essential databases
  • Collect all required documents for annual facility recertification
  • Monitor to ensure RCRPs provide adequate drug testing
  • Monitor to ensure inmates have access to medical services
  • Review/clearance of pre-employment background checks for potential RCRP staff
  • Update and maintain Inmate Employment Rosters
  • Develop Requests for Proposals (RFP) and Contracts
  • Research "best practices" and legal issues associated with the development of the RFP
  • Review proposals submitted in response to the RFP
  • Prepare contracts and contract addenda
  • Act as a Legislative liaison for the OCP and as the Division back-up liaison for the Open Public Records Act (OPRA)
  • Develop and review all Policies and Procedures
  • Coordinate staff training functions
  • Program Development
  • Coordinate with public and private agencies/foundations to develop effective programs for RCRP inmates
  • Act as the NJDOC representative for recruitment of inmates to the New Community Workforce Development Center in Newark, NJ for vocational training purposes
  • Provide professional Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Masters in Social Work (LCSW/MSW) consulting services for special programming initiatives and projects for the special needs' inmate population
  • Act as the office liaison to the State Correctional Institutions for special needs inmates
  • Act as the NJDOC liaison to other departments, governmental subdivisions and agencies, most notably with the Administrative Office of the Courts
  • Act as the NJDOC liaison to ensure coordination of services between NJDOC and ISP, which is administered by the Administrative Office of the Courts
  • Represent NJDOC with the Intensive Supervision Program (ISP) review of application, interview and participate in decision making process
  • Reclassify and assign inmates to appropriate programs and/or institutions as needed
The Intensive Supervision Program program is located in the judicial branch of government under the auspices of Probation Services in the Administrative Office of the Courts. A Department of Corrections representative serves as a member of the review panel, which screens, evaluates and recommends applicants to re-sentencing judges for acceptance into the Intensive Supervision Program. For additional information about the Intensive Supervision Program, you may call (609) 984-0076 or go to the link below. http://www.judiciary.state.nj.us/probsup/isp_intro.htm


Link to the New Jersey Open Public Records Act
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