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In order to get the most from your visit, please take a moment to read through what you should expect when utilizing Trenton-Mercer Airport:


CHECK WITH YOUR CARRIER, BUT TYPICALLY AIRLINES ADVISE THAT YOU SHOULD ARRIVE 2 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR DEPARTURE TIME. If you arrive later, you may miss your flight. Upon entering the terminal, turn to your right and proceed to the Frontier Airline or Allegiant Air counter in order to check in and check your baggage. For Frontier online check-in is available at https://booking.flyfrontier.com/Flight/Internal#checkIn-tab. Baggage fees and requirements can be found at: http://content.flyfrontier.com/travel-information/baggage?_ga=1.60250539.761020580.1426633738. For Allegiant Air go to https://www.allegiantair.com/online-
OVCrRtrZ6qatbVzmxGB9kSH6aTQej4C0. Restrooms are available on this level.

Depending on your schedule, you may wish to go upstairs to enjoy the atmosphere of the Sky Lounge, where you can enjoy hot pub food, salads, soft-drinks, wine, beer and spirits. It also has a great view of the airport! Restrooms are also available on the lounge level. Or you may proceed directly downstairs to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) check-point. Elevators are available to your right as you enter the terminal. There is also an escalator and stairs for your convenience.

Once downstairs, you will proceed through the TSA screening check-point. Once screened, you will enter a waiting area, called the Sterile Area, where you will wait for your flight to be called. BE ADVISED: There is no jet-bridge. Aircraft boarding/exiting is accomplished with a graduated ramp that is open to the elements. Please dress accordingly! Restrooms are located in the Sterile Area. Grab-and-go food, soft-drinks, wine, beer and spirits are provided by the Sky Lounge in the Sterile Area bar.

Wi-Fi is available, and televisions are located in the terminal. There are no bookstores, shopping areas or souvenir shops.

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Before leaving the aircraft, please check to make sure you have EVERYTHING; bags, laptops, cell phones, keys, EVERYTHING! Remember, aircraft boarding/exiting is accomplished with a graduated ramp that is open to the elements. Please dress accordingly! Once you have deplaned, proceed to baggage claim to get your baggage and depart the airport. The baggage claim is a small modular building to which you will be guided after exiting the aircraft. If you are not claiming a bag, you will proceed through baggage claim anyway, since this is the only way to exit the airline terminal ramp area. You will not enter the terminal from the aircraft when you arrive at Trenton-Mercer Airport. If you need to utilize a restroom at this time, you may use the port-a-johns located next to baggage claim; otherwise you must proceed through baggage claim, then walk around and enter the terminal from the front of the building and access the restrooms there. You may also utilize the aircraft restroom prior to landing. When exiting baggage claim, the path back to the driveway of the terminal for pick-up, cabs or shuttle service is a fairly long walk (approximately 200 feet) on a path that is open to the elements. Please dress accordingly!

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Picking Up…

If you are picking someone up at the airport, please wait in the Cell Phone Lot. NEVER LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE UNATTENDED IN THE CELL PHONE LOT. When your party comes through baggage claim, they can walk directly to you, or you can drive to the curb in front of the passenger terminal and collect them there. The curb area is for pick-up and drop-off passengers only. You cannot park at the curb! Please stay with your vehicle at all times. In the event that you would like to aid your arriving party further, park in the paid parking lot. Then you are free to meet your party right outside of baggage claim. Parking is $2 per hour.

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Dropping Off…

You may quickly drop off passengers in front of the terminal building. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE! If your party needs assistance, or if you would like to visit with them prior to their flight, park in the paid parking lot. Parking is $2 per hour. Then you are free to escort your party to the terminal. Remember, you are not allowed in the Sterile Area to wait with a passenger. Only ticketed passengers and airport employees are allowed in that area. There is plenty of seating outside of the Sterile Area to spend time with your party, schedule permitting.

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The airport has a number of paid parking lots. Parking is $2 per hour/$8 per day. The lots are automated and accessible 24 hours a day. When entering a paid lot, take a ticket and the gate will open. KEEP THIS TICKET. The ticket will let the automated system know what you owe when you want to leave the lot. You may pay using a credit card only at the exit gate when you are leaving. You may also pay using cash or a credit card at the kiosks located in the terminal or in baggage claim. If you need assistance, push the help button at the gates or kiosks. There are three paid parking lots at Trenton-Mercer Airport. Two of the paid lots are within walking distance of the passenger terminal. Those who park in the third (overflow) lot are served by a shuttle; this shuttle operates between the lot and the passenger terminal. For more information on parking, or for assistance, call 609-306-7805.

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Restrooms are located on every level of the terminal building, including after the TSA check-point. There are also port-a-johns located outside, on the airline terminal ramp. If you are an arriving passenger, remember that there is no direct access from the aircraft to the terminal; you must proceed through baggage claim, then walk around and enter the terminal from the front of the building and utilize the restrooms there.

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Trenton-Mercer Airport is fully wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant. The aircraft is boarded by utilizing a graduated ramp, allowing easy wheelchair access. This ramp is open to the elements, so please dress accordingly. If you need assistance, please inform the airline at the time you purchase your tickets.

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Lost and Found…

If you left something on the aircraft or in the terminal, and you haven't departed the airport, contact the nearest airline employee. If you are no longer in the airport, file a lost item report on the Frontier website at http://content.flyfrontier.com/customer-service/lost-and-found/ or on the Allegiant Air website at: https://www.allegiantair.com/contactus. If you believe you left something at the TSA check-point, call 609-569-7705. Do not contact Airport Administration or the Mercer County Sheriff's Office. They do not operate a lost and found.

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