The Mercer County Office for the Disabled provides comprehensive services for people who are developmentally delayed or physically disabled. The services provided by this office are designed to provide support for these individuals and/or their families. Programs should provide access to needed services designed to increase educational, vocational, personal and social skills, increase the individual’s capacity for avoiding institutionalization; provide community-based recreation, leisure, educational activities; respite for family members; transitional services from school to work, and personal care. The Office for the Disabled also serves as a central source of information about services and programs available to Mercer County residents with disabilities to facilitate their full participation in community life. Appropriate assistance, referral, coordination and advocacy services are provided by the Office to assist individuals regarding many service areas. Information and Referral/Assistance can be access by calling: 989-6661.
Summer News
  • Guide to Accessing Cape May County's Beaches for People with Disabilities.
  • Guide to Accessing Monmouth County's Beaches for People with Disabilities.
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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Assistance

Affords qualified individuals with disabilities safeguards against discrimination based upon disability in employment, state and local government, public accommodations, telecommunications and transportation. ADA-related information and assistance is
provided, at no cost, to private and public sector entities as well as the public.

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Personal Assistance Services Program

The Personal Assistance Services Program (PASP) is designed to provide services to individuals with disabilities. These services enable adults that are disabled prepare for employment, attend school or live independently in the community. Services differ from traditional home health services in that they are consumer directed and supervised and are considered to be social, rather than a health-care service. Individuals should meet the following eligibility standards:a resident of the State of New Jersey, chronically, physically disabled, between the ages of 18 through 65, and be self-directing as determined by assessment.

PASP services can be accessed by calling
Pamela M. Mazzucca, Consultant
(609) 989-6459 or

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Disabilities Advisory Council (DAC)

The Disabilities Advisory Council (DAC) provides a forum on issues pertaining to disabilities. The Council coordinates comprehensive social services; identifies, collects and analyzes data; and assesses and prioritizes the resources and needs within Mercer County. In addition, the Council advocates for the consumer as a means to improve the quality of services for residents with disabilities.

The Council meets quarterly and is composed of eleven volunteers, many of whom have a Dis-Ability, as well as those working in disability services.

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Physical Disabilities

Programs that facilitate the provision of community-based recreation and transitional services in integrated settings for County residents with disabilities whose needs are not met through traditional programs are part of the offerings sponsored by this Office. The spectrum of services for this program area includes:

  • Information and Referral - ADRC - (609) 989-6661
  • Recreation Opportunities & Camping Program - PCIL - (609) 581-4500
  • Specialized Employment Training - MCSSSD - (609) 570-1171 
  • Day Programming - Project Freedom - (609) 278-0075
  • Recreational Sports - Hamilton YMCA - (609) 581-9622
  • Institute for the Arts - VSA NJ - (732) 745-3885
  • Durable, Medical Equipment - Goodwill - 396-1513
  • Transportation (E. Windsor/Hightstown area ONLY)
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Developmentally Disabled Services

The Mercer County Office for the Disabled - Developmental Disabilities (MCOD DDD) area provides the necessary vocational, personal and social skills to achieve a certain degree of independence, while improving the quality of life for each individual. Services such as employment and occupational training services, developmental day care, family support services through respite, clinical services for pre-school children and extensive case management are offered through arrangements made with the appropriate agencies.

Some of these programs enable children with developmental disabilities to play with their peers, while learning certain daily living skills that will help develop a full sense of self-independence.

The following services can be accessed by calling the appropriate numbers:

Developmental Day Care services - ARC/Mercer - (609) 278-0154
Occupational Training services - ARC/Mercer - (609) 393-2483
Family Support/Respite - Advancing Opportunities - (609) 882-4182
Family Support/Respite - Enable, Inc. (609) 987-5003
Employment/Tranisitional Services - Project ADULTS - (609) 570-1168
Clinical Speech Therapy - Mercer County Special Services School District - (609) 588-8507
Special Child Health Services Case Management Unit - Mercer County Special Services School District/Project CHILD - (609) 631-6594

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Contact Information

Mercer County Office for the Disabled
Eileen E. Doremus
(609) 989-6663

Personal Assistance Services Program (PASP)
Pamela M. Mazzucca, Consultant
(609) 989-6459

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