Catherine DiCostanzo
Superintendent of Elections / Commissioner of Registration

Nathaniel Walker
Deputy Superintendent of Elections

As the Superintendent of Elections it is my pleasure to provide information that maybe helpful to you in the Elections process. I hope this site offers an efficient way for you to obtain information regarding the services provided by Mercer County Superintendent of Elections office.

Please browse the site for more detailed information along with contact numbers regarding the service provided.

Superintendent of Elections

The Superintendent of Elections is appointed by the Governor for a term of five years, and works under the direction of the Attorney Generals office according to NJ Election law Title 19. The Superintendent of Elections has the authority to do the following:

  • Has police powers to enforce title 19,19:32-21 & 44.
  • Acts as the County's Commissioner of Registration, 19:31-2.
  • Has custody of County's voting machines.
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Commissioner of Registration

As the Commissioner of Registration my duties also include:

  • Regulates voter registrations, 19:31-2.
  • Accepts voter registration applications.
  • Reviews registration records to assure continued eligibility Investigates provisional ballots, 19:53C
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