Public Notice 

Aaron T. Watson, Director

The Mercer County Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (MCDOT & I) consists of four separate divisions, Trenton-Mercer Airport, Engineering, Highways and TRADE (Transportation Resources to Aid the Disadvantaged & Elderly) that together strive to ensure the safe, efficient flow of people and goods within Mercer County.

Trenton-Mercer Airport

One of only three fully certified Commercial Service Airports in the State and an important corporate incentive for locating to Mercer County.  It is also home to five (5) Fortune 100 corporate tenants and other aviation services and two (2) Flight Schools. Trenton-Mercer's goal is to provide a healthy blend of corporate, commercial and private aviation. Trenton-Mercer Airport received "perfect" (zero deficiencies) on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) annual inspection and has serviced over 25,000 passengers last year.

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Engineering is responsible for preparing plans, cost estimates and overseeing the construction for road and bridge improvements.  Core functions of the Engineering Division include surveying, highway, bridge and traffic engineering design, use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and computer-aided drafting (CAD) and in addition is responsible for the review of development as it impacts drainage and traffic.

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Highways comprise five (5) sub-divisions:  Roads, Bridges, Traffic & Signal, Mosquito Control and Shade Tree.  The following five (5) subdivisions all work effectively together to provide the highest level of service and safety to all citizens of Mercer County.

Roads - maintains nearly 180 miles (425 lane miles) of county roadway and is responsible for road repairs.

Bridges  - ensures the structural integrity of over 850 structures, including bridges, culverts, inlets and guide rail that exist in Mercer County.

Traffic & Signal - maintains road striping, raised pavement markings, signage and approximately 200 traffic signals and flashers throughout Mercer County.

Mosquito Control - controls the nuisance and disease carrying mosquito populations in Mercer County.  Industrial, residential, municipal areas and parks are all under surveillance through inspecting, monitoring, larviciding, adulticiding and reducing the amount of standing water.

Shade Tree  - provides trimming, planting and removing trees within the county right-of-way where necessary.

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TRADE (Transportation Resources to Aid the Disadvantaged & Elderly) provides convenient transportation services to our seniors (age 60+) and to people with disabilities, at no cost to the customer.  During 2005, TRADE provided over 110,000 rides to Mercer County seniors and residents with disabilities.

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