Contact Information:
Paula Sollami Covello
Mercer County Clerk

TRENTON, NJ - Mercer County Clerk, Paula Sollami Covello, today alerted residents that targeted phone calls are being made throughout New Jersey from a company stating that they are "working with the County Clerk's Office" to help homeowners renegotiate the terms of their mortgages.

"While I have no problem with a legitimate company marketing its services, I object to any reference that they are working with the County Clerk's Office. The County does not work with any specific company in this regard and we do not endorse the services of private financial entities, especially those soliciting via telephone," said Paula Sollami Covello.

Targeted phone calls are being made from a company identifying itself as AMA - American Modification Agency of Uniondale New York. The company, in search of potential clients, presumably sifts through open public real estate records located in county offices. Then, they claim to homeowners that they are "working with the County Clerk's Office." The company operates in all 50 states and specializes in modifying mortgages and negotiating payments to lenders.

Clerk Paula Sollami Covello suggested those in financial distress should not fall prey to telephone solicitations. Rather, they should reach out to local community service groups such as the Consumer Credit Counseling of Central NJ at 609-586-2574 or, a recently established national hotline for Foreclosure Help at 1-888-995-4673. Each provide free advice and counseling on foreclosures.

It is the Mercer County Clerk's Office that files and records all documents concerning real estate ownership, mortgages, and transfers. "We must do all we can to ensure homeownership is not built on quick sand; the earlier troubled homeowners reach out for help, the more options they have in addressing their financial issues, preventing foreclosure, and keeping their home equity," noted Clerk Sollami Covello.