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Ernest C. Cerino, Jr.
Office of the Mercer County Clerk

Mercer County Clerk Paula Sollami Covello and Mercer County Community College will hold a special one-day class focused on searching for public records in the Mercer County Courthouse.

“This class is a new offering by the County Clerk’s Office and is designed to allow more local residents to navigate the search room and take advantage of our open county resources and records,” said Sollami Covello.

This non-credit, half-day course will be presented by County Clerk Paula Sollami-Covello and the staff on Saturday, September 25th from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon to assist local residents in researching deeds, liens, and other property information, current or historical, back to the 1800s. One does not need to be a historian or a real estate professional to attend. The course, open to local residents, will be held in the Search Room of the County Clerk’s Office, at the Old Mercer County Courthouse, 209 S. Broad Street in Trenton.

Upon completion of this half-day session, participants will be able to search official County records for:
  • A basic copy of a deed or to verify that mortgage debt has been discharged from property records.
  • A home’s sale price, and names of past and present owners a specific property.
  • Deeds on properties dating to 1838 for historical purposes.
  • Verification of easements or rights-of-ways on a property.
  • Comparative research for tax appeals.
  • Information on the origins of local housing developments, subdivisions and their maps.
  • Historic landmark filings, business name registrations, military discharge records.
  • Access to many more types of documents.
Registration is being coordinated though Mercer County Community College’s Center for Continuing Studies. Go to or call 609-570-3311 to register. The course is limited to 25 individuals with a nominal fee of $15. Ample and free parking will be available near the Old Courthouse on the day of class.