Be sure to include the service fee And correct mileage cost from the 2nd table for each service requested.

The State of New Jersey, under P.L. 2001, Chapter 370 (N.J.S. 2A:4-8) which was signed into law on January 8, 2002 has revised all fees for service of documents and executions of writs.

The following are the revised fees and deposits, which are payable in advance.

  • Fees
    First Defendant $24.00
    Second Defendant $20.00
    Other Defendants $16.00
    Matrimonial Actions $24.00
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  • Fees Out Of State
    First Defendant $27.00
    Second Defendant $20.00
    All Other Defendants $16.00
    Notary Fee $5.00
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  • Serving
    Capias Ad Respondendum $50.00
    Capias Ad Satisfaciendum $50.00
    Warrant of Commitment $50.00
    Writ of Ne Exeat $50.00
    Writ of Replevin $50.00
    Writ of Attachment $50.00
    Writ of Possession $50.00
    Writ of Executions and Wages $50.00
    Certified Mail $6.74
    Witnesses $5.00
    Affidavit of Non Residence $3.00
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  • Bonds
    Accepting and Filing $  6.50
    Additional Copies $  6.50
    Appraisal Fees $  3.00
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  • Executions Sales
    Goods and Chattels Sales Deposit $75.00
    Foreclosure Sale Deposit $1,500.00
    Per Adjournment $28.00
    Commission on Sums Up To $5,000.    6%
    Commission on Sums Exceeding $5,000    4%
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  • Wages (Commissions and Salaries)
    Commission on Sums Up To $5,000.    6%
    Commission on Sums Exceeding $5,000    4%
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  • Sales Settled without Sale
    Commission on Sums Up To $5,000.    3%
    Commission on Sums Exceeding $5,000    2%
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  • Mileage List
    Ewing Twp $1.50
    Groveville $2.25
    Hamilton Square $2.00 
    Hamilton Twp $2.00 
    Hightstown $4.50
    Hopewell $4.20
    Lawrenceville $2.00 
    Mercerville $2.00 
    Pennington $3.00 
    Penns Neck. $3.60 
    Princeton Boro $4.00 
    Princeton Junction $4.50
    Princeton Twp $4.00 
    Robbinsville $2.60
    State Hospital $1.50
    Titusville $2.60
    Trenton, City of $.75
    Washington Crossing $2.60
    Washington Twp $2.60
    West Trenton $1.50
    Windsor $3.60
    East Windsor Twp $4.50
    West Windsor Twp $4.00
    Yardville $2.00
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  • Summons and Complaints
    A legal document that notifies a party or parties that a lawsuit has been initiated and states when and where the party must appear to answer the charges A formal document to the defendant requiring him to service an answer to the complaint A complaint in a civil action initiates a lawsuit. The complaint outlines the alleged facts and basis for which a legal remedy is sought. In a criminal action a complaint is the preliminary charge filed by the complaining party, usually with the police or a court.

    Most summons and complaints are received from attorneys but are also accepted pro se. Once the deputies serve a summons and complaint the received information is updated in the computer; a return of service is prepared. The original copy of the summons and complaint along with a return of service from our office is mailed to Superior Court or wherever the summons and complaint originated. The attorney (or pro se) also receives a copy and a copy remains at the Sheriff’s Office. If a summons and complaint is served and agreed upon and then breached a writ can be issued.
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  • Writs

    A writ - something written – is an order or mandatory process in writing issued under seal in the name of the sovereign or of a court or judicial officer commanding the person to whom it is directed to perform or refrain from performing an act specified therein. Different types of writs are:

    • Writ of Replevin - recovery of goods or chattels wrongfully taken or detained
    • Writ of Attachment - seizure of property by name
    • Writ of Possession - right of Ownership, i.e. Real Estate
    • Writ of Execution - a judicial writ directing the enforcement of a judgment
    • Writ of Execution (Wages) - attaching wages to pay a judgment
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