1. Summons and Complaint - paperwork advising a person of a civil lawsuit that is filed against them for any of the following:
    1. Auto Accident (anytime within the prior two years)
    2. Foreclosure (delinquent mortgage payment)
    3. Matrimonial Matter (divorce or motion for change in prior decree)
    4. Delinquent payments on Credit Cards or Loans 
    5. Personal Injury (someone hurt on your property or someone hurt by you)
  2. Court Notices
  3. Restraining Orders
    1. Serve new Temporary Restraining Orders
      1. Deliver actual paper copy
      2. Carry out the Courts Orders on the T.R.O.
      1. Seizure of weapons per court order
      2. Execution of Search Warrant for weapons
    2. Serve notices of new or continued court dates
  4. Writ of Execution - Court Order to recover judgments against a person/business
    1. Wage Garnishment
    2. Seizure of money to satisfy judgments from:
      1. Bank/Credit Union
      2. Checking accounts
      3. Certificates of Deposit 
      4. Christmas Vacation Clubs
      5. Safe Deposit Box
  5. Writ of Possession - Court Order to take control of the property sold at the Sheriff's Sale and turn it over to the purchaser.