Since 1990, Mercer County’s S.E.R.T. team members are trained and equipped to handle almost any type of situation that falls outside of the day-to-day duties of uniformed sheriff’s officers. Known traditionally as the Sherriff’s Office “SWAT team”, their primary role is to execute high–risk arrest warrants, most often called on to enter unsafe or barricaded buildings. S.E.R.T. members are tactical firearm experts and are required to maintain the highest level of firearm qualification. Their duties may include extraordinary situations, such as confronting heavily armed criminals, active shooters, performing hostage negotiations and rescues in the County Courthouses or Airport, VIP protection, and high-risk trial security.

Mercer County’s S.E.R.T. members are self-motivated, highly disciplined individuals in peak physical condition. Before joining S.E.R.T., candidates must successfully complete strenuous physical and cognitive evaluations, oral interviews and advanced tactical training.

The Secret Service, U.S. Marshal’s Service, Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms, the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office, and all 12 of Mercer’s local police departments routinely call upon S.E.R.T. for assistance. S.E.R.T. also provides added law enforcement response in the capital city of Trenton by supporting the County Prosecutor’s Special Investigations Unit (the merged Trenton Police Department’s Vice Unit). S.E.R.T. also has a unique relationship with the West Windsor Police Department S.W.A.T. unit, which routinely shares comparably trained tactical officers when needed. Princeton and Princeton University routinely call on S.E.R.T. to assist in protecting international dignitaries and when special protective services are required.