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State of New Jersey, Civil Service Commission
Governor Chris Christie • Lt.Governor Kim Guadagno


4A:1-1.1 Purpose
The purpose of these rules is to establish a personnel system that provides a fair balance between managerial needs and employee protections for the effective delivery of public services consistent with Title 11A, New Jersey Statutes. See N.J.S.A. 11A:1-2.

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(a) All appointing authorities and employees subject to Title 11A, New Jersey Statutes, shall comply with these rules.

(b) These rules shall apply only to the career service unless otherwise specified.

(c) These rules shall be considered the means by which the statutory purposes of the merit employment system are carried out. The Commissioner or the Board may relax these rules for good cause in a particular situation, on notice to affected parties, in order to effectuate the purposes of Title 11A, New Jersey Statutes.

(d) If a rule or part of a rule is declared invalid for any reason, the remainder of the rules shall not be affected by such determination.

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The following words and terms, when used in these rules, shall have the following meanings unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

"Appointment" means the offer, acceptance and commencement of employment.

"Base salary" means an employee's rate of pay exclusive of any additional payments or allowances.

"Career Service" means those positions and job titles subject to the tenure provisions of Title 11A, New Jersey Statutes.

"Certification" means a list of names presented to an appointing authority for regular appointment.

"Chairperson" means the chief executive officer and administrator of the Civil Service Commission.

"Class code" means a designation assigned to job titles in State and local service with ranking based upon an evaluation of job content.

"Closing date for examination" means the date by which an applicant for an examination must meet all of the requirements contained in the examination announcement.

"Commission" means the Civil Service Commission.

"Days" means calendar days unless otherwise specified.

"Demotion" means, in local service, a reduction in title or scale of compensation, and in State service, a reduction in class code.

"Department" in local service, where not otherwise defined by statute, means the largest type of organizational unit established by ordinance or resolution, as appropriate, that is not a sub-unit of any other organizational unit for the purpose of administering the political subdivision. In State service, "department" means a principal executive department of State government.

"Disposition" means the written report of actions taken by an appointing authority regarding a certification.

"Eligible list" means a roster compiled or approved by the Department of Personnel of persons who are qualified for employment or reemployment.

"Filing date for examination" means the date by which an application for an examination must be submitted as designated in the announcement. When mailed, the filing date is the date by which a properly addressed application must be postmarked.

"Fine" means a disciplinary penalty which requires the payment of money or the performance of service without pay or at reduced pay.

" Immediate family" means an employee's spouse, domestic partner (see section 4 of P.L. 2003, c. 246), child, legal ward, grandchild, foster child, father, mother, legal guardian, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister, father-in-law, mother-in-law, and other relatives residing in the employee's household.

"Layoff" means the separation of a permanent employee from employment for reasons of economy or efficiency or other related reasons and not for disciplinary reasons.

"Local service" means employment in any political subdivision operating under Title 11A, New Jersey statutes.

"Open competitive examination" means a test open to members of the public who meet the prescribed requirements for admission.

"Part time employee" means an employee whose regular hours of duty are less than the regular and normal workweek for that job title or agency.

"Permanent employee" means an employee in the career service who has acquired the tenure and rights resulting from regular appointment and successful completion of the working test period.

"Position" means the assignment of specific duties and responsibilities requiring the employment of one person.

"Promotion" means, in local service, an advancement in title, and in State service, an advancement to a title having a higher class code than the former permanent title.

"Promotional examination" means a test open to permanent employees who meet the prescribed requirements for admission.

"Provisional appointment" (PA) means employment in the competitive division of the career service pending the appointment of a person from an eligible list.

"Regular appointment" (RA) means the employment of a person to fill a position in the competitive division of the career service upon examination and certification, or the employment of a person to a position in the noncompetitive division of the career service.

"Removal" means termination of a permanent employee from employment for disciplinary reasons.
"Senior executive service" means positions in State service designated by the Board as having substantial managerial, policy influencing or policy executing responsibilities not included in the career or unclassified services.

"Spouse" means a husband, a wife, or a party to a civil union, in accordance with N.J.S.A. 37:1-1 and P.L. 2006, c. 103.

"State service" means employment for the State of New Jersey.

"Suspension" means temporary separation from employment for disciplinary reasons.

"Suspension on the record" means a suspension for disciplinary reasons imposed for record purposes only, without loss of pay, benefits or seniority.

"Title" means a descriptive name that identifies a position or group of positions with similar duties, responsibilities, and qualifications.

"Title scope" means a defined group of job titles used as a factor in determining eligibility for promotional examinations. Title scope may also include educational, experience and other specific requirements.

"Title series" means titles involving the same kind of work and ranked according to level of difficulty and responsibility.

"Unclassified service" means those positions and job titles outside of the senior executive service, not subject to the tenure provisions of Title 11A, New Jersey Statutes or these rules unless otherwise specified.

"Unit scope" means a defined part of a governmental agency used as a factor in determining eligibility for promotional examinations.

"Working test period" means a part of the examination process after regular appointment, during which time the work performance and conduct of the employee is evaluated to determine if permanent status is merited.


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4A:1-1.4 Petition for promulgating, amending or repealing rules
(a) Any interested person may file a petition with the Commissioner to promulgate, amend or repeal a rule.

(b) A petition must include the reasons for the request.

(c) A petition for a new rule must include the substance or nature of the request, the proposed text of the new rule and the statutory authority under which the requested action may be taken.

(d) A petition for an amended rule must indicate any existing text to be deleted and include any new text to be added.

(e) The Commissioner shall, in writing, either deny the petition or approve the petition for processing.

(f) Notice of the petition and the Commissioner's decision shall be filed with the Office of Administrative Law pursuant to N.J.A.C. 1:30-3.6.

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