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State of New Jersey, Civil Service Commission
Governor Phil Murphy • Lt.Governor Sheila Oliver

Cost per Person: $159

Pre- Requisite: Familiar with Windows 7

Length: 6 hours

Class Time:
8:30 am to 4:00 pm


Civil Service Commission (CSC)
44 South Clinton Ave.
4th Floor Training Room
Trenton, NJ 08609

 Email ClipTraining.Support@csc.nj.gov or call the Registration Team at 609-777-2225 to be added to the waitlist.

Course Description

This one day course covers the basic functions and features of SharePoint. Students will learn how to work with lists and libraries and use discussion boards, surveys and blogs. Students will also learn how to customize their environment by changing and creating views and by configuring personal and regional settings. In addition, students will learn how to configure alerts and subscribe to RSS feeds to keep current on new site content.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will know how to:

  • Navigate a SharePoint 2010 Team Web site.
  • Work with SharePoint lists (announcement, calendar, link, task and contact lists).
  • Use SharePoint Foundation libraries (document, picture, wiki page, asset and form libraries).
  • Communicate and share opinions with other team members by using discussion boards, surveys and blogs.
  • Change views and create personal views.
  • Modify personal SharePoint user information and set notifications on content.
Course Outline:

Unit 1: Getting Started
Topic A:
SharePoint Foundation sites
A-1: Navigating SharePoint sites
A-2: Examining the content of a SharePoint site

Unit 2: Lists
Topic A:
A-1: Creating an announcement
A-2: Editing an announcement
Topic B:  Events
B-1: Creating a calendar item
B-2: Editing an event
Topic C: Links
C-1: Creating a task
C-2: Chaning the order of links
Topic D: Tasks
D-1: Creating a task
D-2: Creating a task with a predecessor
D-3: Editing a task
Topic E: Contact
E-1: Creating a contact
E-2: Editing a contact
E-3: Exporting contact information to Outlook
Topic F: Deleting list items
F-1: Deleting a list item
F-2: Restoring deleted list items

Unit 3: Libraries
Topic A:
 Document libraries
A-1: Adding a document to a library
A-2: Adding multiple documents to a library
A-3: Working with a document
A-4: Creating a document from within a document library
Topic B: Picture library
B-1: Creating a folder in a picture library
B-2: Uploading pictures to a picture library
B-3: Viewing pictures as a slide show
B-4: Working with pictures in a picture library
B-5: Deleting a picture file and folder
Topic C: Wiki pages
C-1: Viewing a wiki library and its pages
C-2: Creating a wiki page
C-3: Adding content to a wiki page
C-4: Using a wiki page
Topic D: Asset Libraries
D-1: Viewing the asset library for a wiki library
Topic E: Form LIbraries
E-1: Filling out and saving a form
E-2: Working with a completed form

Unit 4: Team Communication
Topic A:
 Discussion boards
A-1: Starting a discussion
A-2: Viewing a discussion thread
A-3: Responding to a discussion item
A-4: Editing a discussion reply
Topic B: Surveys
B-1: Responding to a survey
B-2: Viewing survey responses
Topic C: Blogs
C-1: Comminting a blog post
C-2: Editing and deleting a comment
C-3: Creating a blog post
C-4: Creating a blog post in Microsoft Word

Unit 5: Views
Topic A:
 Page Views
A-1: Using Standard and Datasheet views
A-2: Observing a project task list in Gantt View
A-3: Sorting items in a view
A-4: Filtering items in a view
Topic B: Personal views
B-1:  Creating a personal view

Unit 6: Account information and notifications
Topic A:
Personal and regional settings
A-1:  Editing your user account's personal settings
A-2:  Specifying regional settings
Topic B: Alerts
B-1: Creating an alert
B-2: Triggering an item alert
B-3: Creating an alert on a library
B-4: Triggering a library alert
B-5: Managing alerts
Topic C: RSS Feeds
C-1: Viewing available feeds
C-2: Subscribing to an RSS feed in Internet Explorer
C-3: Viewing RSS feed updates
C-4: Modifying the properties of an RSS feed
C-5: Unsubscribing from an RSS feed


To register or for more information, contact the registration team at 609-777-2225

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