Landscape Irrigation Contractor
A Landscape Irrigation Contractor is a person who is certified by the Board of Landscape Irrigation Contractors to perform the construction, repair, maintenance, improvement and alteration of any portion of a landscape irrigation system, including required wiring within that system and connection to the required power supply and the installation and connection to a public or private water supply system under the terms and conditions of a contract.  A landscape irrigation system is any assemblage of components, materials or special equipment which is designed, constructed and installed for controlled dispersion of water from any safe and suitable source, including properly treated wastewater, for the purpose of irrigating landscape vegetation or the control of dust and erosion on landscaped areas, including integral pumping systems or integral control systems for manual, semi-automatic or automatic control of the operation of these systems.


2017 Landscape Irrigation Contractor Exam Schedule   
 Closing Date:  March 1  September 1
 Exam Date:  April 26  October 24

All examinations are held at the Rutgers Eco Complex:


Continuing Education Credits

Effective March 17, 2014 all individuals certified as Landscape Irrigation Contractors are required to obtain 16 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) to renew their license. Individuals who have not yet submitted CECs can do so by completing the CEC submission form, and providing copies of course certificates to the Board. 

CEC Submission form (including instructions)

Individuals who have previously submitted CECs to the Board can track the amount of credits they currently have by visiting the New Jersey Landscape Irrigation Contractors Continuing Education Credits (CEC) Verification Site.

  • To view the information on the CEC verification site, you will have to create a profile on the Irrigation Association’s webpage. (Directions for creating a profile)

An overview of the online learning continuing education opportunities can be found in this brochure and you may register for these and other courses by clicking here.

Please note that the Irrigation Association (IA) is a national association and is distinguished from the Irrigation Association of New Jersey (IANJ).


Frequently Asked Questions

NJAC 5:62 - Landscape Irrigation Contractors

PL 2015, c.169 - Transfer of duties from NJDEP to NJDCA, June 1, 2016

NJSA 45:5AA - Landscape Irrigation Contractor Certification Act of 1991


CEC Submission Form and Instructions (PDF)
Application Form ADM-322(PDF)
Business Permit Application (PDF)
Application for Certification $45.00
Re-application for Certification $45.00
Examination Fee $150.00
Examination Re take Fee $150.00 
Certification Fee (initial) $300.00
Certification Fee (Bi-annual) $300.00


Phone: (609) 984-7834


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• Example Content Outline
• Example Exam Equations

• Resources for Preparing for the Exam
Irrigation Association of NJ
- Irrigation Association (National)

• Landscaping Services and New Jersey Sales Tax
• Contractors and New Jersey Sales Tax
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Glossary of Irrigation Terms