No, 15-4 [pdf 94KB] Issued, Dec. 2015
(Supersedes Bulletin No. 11-1)
Energy Subcode Compliance
No. 15-3 [pdf 87KB] Issued, Dec. 2015 Group Classifications for Residential and Institutional Occupancies
No. 15-2 [pdf 38KB] Issued, Sept. 2015
(Supersedes Bulletin No. 12-1)
Adopted Codes, Standards and Recommended Practices Referenced Under Informational Notes of the National Electrical Code 2014
No. 15-1 [pdf 36KB] Issued, July 2015
(Correction March 2016)
Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Carbonated Beverage Systems
No. 14-3 [pdf 29KB] Issued, Nov. 2014 Jurisdiction Over Site Work
No. 14-2 [pdf 26.8KB] Code Ref. Update, Feb. 2016 Use of NFPA 14 Manual Wet Fire Standpipes
No. 14-1 [pdf 29.3KB] Code Ref. Update, Feb. 2016 New One- or Two-Family Dwellings Installing NFPA 13D or P2904 Instead of NFPA 13R Sprinkler Systems
No. 13-1B [pdf 31Kb] Revised, June 2015 Pile Foundation Design Issues in Flood Hazard Areas for One- and Two-Family Dwellings
No. 13-1A [pdf 29Kb] Issued, May 2013

Elevating Existing Houses

No. 11-3 [pdf 29Kb]

Issued, May 2011

Antifreeze in New Residential and Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems-NFPA 13,13D or 13R

No. 11-2 [pdf 42 Kb]

Issued, Apr. 2011

Fire Alarm Transmission Channels and Managed Facilities Voice Networks

No. 09-1 [pdf 396Kb]

Code Ref. Update, Jan. 2016
(Supersedes Bulletin No. 04-1)
Permit Requirements for LP-Gas Systems

No. 07-3 [pdf 28Kb]

Revised, June 2015

Ice Dam Membrane/Ice Barrier

No. 07-1 [pdf 124Kb]

Code Ref. Update, Jan. 2016 Premanufactured Construction

No. 06-1 [pdf 30Kb]

Issued, Feb. 2006

Work Performed Without Permits

No. 05-2 [pdf 390 Kb]

Revised, Dec. 2015

Seismic Hazard Maps

No. 05-1 [pdf 39Kb]

Code Ref. Update, Sept. 2008

Issuance of Notice of Violation After Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy and Transfer of Title

No. 04-2 [pdf 30Kb] Issued, Jul. 2004
(Supersedes Bulletin No. 95-3)

Oxford House

No. 03-5 [pdf 48Kb]

Revised, Dec. 2015

Special Inspections

No. 03-4 [pdf 144Kb]

Revised, Dec. 2015 Wind Speed Map

No. 03-3 [pdf 33Kb]

Revised, Apr. 2013

Public Access to Building Plans

No. 02-2 [pdf 31Kb]

Revised, Apr. 2008

Availability of Concrete-Encased Electrodes

No. 02-1 [pdf 29Kb]

Issued, Jan. 2002

Affordable Housing

No. 01-2 [pdf 31Kb] Code Ref. Update, Feb. 2016

Temporary Certificates of Occupancy

No. 01-1 [pdf 30Kb] Issued, May 2001

Railroad Facilities and Superfund Sites

No. 00-3 [pdf 54Kb]

Revised, Jan 2014
(Supersedes Bulletin No. 91-3)

Public Schools - Plan Review Procedure, Facility Planning Standards, and UCC Enhancements

No. 99-3 [pdf 37Kb]

Code Ref. Update, Oct. 2007

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

No. 99-2 [pdf 88Kb]

Revised, Oct. 2008

Testing of Backflow Preventers

No. 99-1 [pdf 34Kb]

Revised, Aug. 2008

Periodic Electrical Inspections, and "Bonding and Grounding" Certificates for Swimming Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs

No. 98-4 [pdf 30Kb]

Code Ref. Update, Apr. 2006

Site Lighting Installations by Utilities

No. 98-3 [pdf 33Kb]

Revised, Dec. 2013

Health Care Facilities Plan Review

No. 98-1 [pdf 36Kb]

Issued, Jan. 1998 Rehab Subcode Matrix

No. 97-1 [pdf 30Kb]

Issued, Oct. 1997

Development, Fire Safety, and Prior Approvals

No. 96-3 [pdf 31Kb]

Issued, Dec. 1996

Prior Approval for Septic Systems

No. 96-2 [pdf 33Kb]

Code Ref. Update, Jan. 2016

Signing and Sealing of Construction Documents

No. 96-1 [pdf 29Kb]

Issued, Apr. 1996

Contractor Pricing

No. 95-2 [pdf 33Kb]

Issued, Sept. 1995

Elder Cottage Housing Opportunities (ECHO) Units

No. 95-1D [pdf 31Kb]

Issued, Sept. 1995
(Supersedes Bulletin No. 88-8)

Removal/Abandonment of Underground Storage Tanks Regulated by DEP

No. 95-1C [pdf 37Kb]

Issued, Sept. 1995

Installation of Underground Storage Tanks Regulated by DEP

No. 95-1B [pdf 35Kb]

Issued, Sept. 1995
(Combines and Supersedes Bulletin Nos. 88-3, 91-4 and 93-1)

Removal/Abandonment of Residential Heating Oil Tanks and Other Heating Oil Tanks Under 2001 Gallons

No. 95-1A [pdf 66Kb]

Issued, Sept. 1995
(Supersedes Bulletin No. 92-2)

Installation of Residential Heating Oil Tanks and Other Heating Oil Tanks Under 2001 Gallons

No. 95-1 [pdf 28 Kb]

Issued, Sept. 1995 Flammable and Combustible Liquid Storage Tanks

No. 94-10 [pdf 30Kb]

Code Ref. Update, Oct. 2007

Standard Forms and Fees

No. 94-9 [pdf 32Kb]

Code Ref. Update, Jan. 2016
(Combines and Supersedes Bulletin Nos. 81-2 and 90-4)

Accepted Engineering Practice

No. 94-8 [pdf 84 Kb]

Revised, Dec. 2015
(Supersedes Bulletin No. 81-9)

Ground Snow Loads

No. 94-7 [pdf 32 Kb]

Revised, July 2016 Plans for Elevator Devices

No. 94-6 [pdf 29Kb]

Code Ref. Update, Feb. 2006
(Supersedes Bulletin No. 88-5)
Fire Alarm Systems

No. 94-4 [pdf 31Kb]

Code Ref. Update, Oct. 2007

Partial Plan Filing and Approval

No. 94-3 [pdf 29Kb]

Code Ref. Update, Feb. 2006 Permit Documentation

No. 94-2 [pdf 30Kb]

Code Ref. Update, Oct. 2007 Emergency Operation of Elevators

No. 94-1 [pdf 30Kb]

Revised, Apr. 2008
(Supersedes Bulletin No. 90-6)

Sizing of Gas Piping

No. 93-7 [pdf 32Kb]

Code Ref. Update, Nov. 2008

Temporary Construction in Campgrounds

No. 93-5 [pdf 28Kb]

Code Ref. Update, Feb. 2014

Renovations and Demolitions Involving Asbestos

No. 93-4 [pdf 30Kb]

Revised, Feb. 2006

Radon Hazard Subcode and Radon Mitigation Work in Existing Buildings

No. 93-3 [pdf 93Kb]

Code Ref. Update, Jan. 2016

Cathodic Protection of Gas Piping

No. 93-2 [pdf 32Kb]

Revised, Feb. 1997 Leased Structures

No. 91-2 [pdf 31Kb]

Revised, June 2005 Compliance with Requirements of the Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Act

No. 90-8 [pdf 24Kb]

Code Ref. Update, Dec. 2005

Alterations Mandated by Other Codes

No. 90-7 [pdf 34Kb]

Code Ref. Update, Jan. 2016

Churches and Houses of Worship, Mixed-Use Occupancy

No. 90-5 [pdf 28Kb]

Issued, Dec. 1990

Placement of Gas Piping Inspection Stickers

No. 90-3 [pdf 34Kb]

Code Ref. Update, Jan. 2016

Gypsum Wallboard Classification

No. 88-10 [pdf 30Kb]

Code Ref. Update, Mar. 2008 Private On-Site Water Supply Systems
No. 88-2 [pdf 29Kb] Revised, Dec. 1994 Manufactured Housing

No. 88-1 [pdf 30Kb]

Revised, Nov. 2005

Electric Utility Company Installations

No. 85-4 [pdf 29Kb] Code Ref. Update, Nov. 2005

Inspection of Gas Piping and Appliance Installations

No. 81-7 [pdf 29Kb]

Code Ref. Update, Oct. 2007

Plans/Sketches for the Upgrade and Installation of Smoke Alarms in Hotels and Multiple Dwellings

No. 80-6 [pdf 35Kb]

Code Ref. Update, Jan. 2016

Manufactured Homes

No. 80-5 [pdf 31Kb]

Code Ref. Update, Nov. 2005 Proper Utilization of Temporary Power Taps

No. 79-7 [pdf 29Kb]

Revised, May 1995

Septic Systems

No. 79-6 [pdf 34Kb]

Code Ref. Update, Mar. 2014 Hotel and Multiple Dwelling Security Requirements
No. 79-2 [pdf 28Kb] Revised, July 2016 Testing of Plumbing Systems
No. 79-1 [pdf 29Kb]

Revised, Apr. 2008

Prior Approvals for Potable Water Wells

Active and Withdrawn Bulletins