Mission Statement

The Commission functions to promote and assist in the development and implementation of recreation and leisure services for individuals with disabilities in the communities of New Jersey by:
  • increasing awareness of the leisure needs of individuals through the provision of: public awareness projects; workshops and Annual Governor's Conference; promotional materials; speakers, and informational sources; best practices/recognition via awards presented at the Annual Governor's Conference held in the spring;

  • building leisure resources and programs in the communities by: technical assistance to agencies, officials and community practitioners, organizing resource networks of advocates, consumers and family members together to share information;

  • promoting the coordination of efforts by state and local agencies in such matters as policy-making, operational guidelines, and legislation pertinent to recreation services for individuals with disabilities.

Standing Committees

  • identifies, researches, and reviews issues and legislation critical to the provision of recreation/leisure services;
  • provides recommendations for legislative and regulatory action regarding identified issues and problems;
  • implements procedures for promotion/advocacy.

Education/Training Committee

  • identifies the education/ training needs of citizens and professionals in New Jersey and plans educational programs/ workshops to meet these needs;
  • researches and identifies "model" recreation programs for persons with disabilities for observation and training purposes;
  • plans and implements the annual "Governor's Conference on Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities."
  • identifies and implements processes and projects to promote recreation for individuals with disabilities;
  • promotes the coordination of efforts between and among state and local agencies;
  • identifies and coordinates the public relation efforts of the Commission;
  • identifies potential Commission members.