State Aid Formula and Certification

Individual municipal certifications 
(drop down menus to choose type of document, fiscal year, and municipal name).
Documents include:
• Certifications of State aid for budgets
• Statement of State Aid for property tax bills

State aid multipurpose table 
(dropdown menu list type of document and choice of fiscal years)
Documents include:
• Local Finance Notices
• State aid Excel worksheets
• Notice of Municipal (Urban) Aid Eligibility
• Transitional Aid to Localities awards and applications/Extraordinary Aid (pre FY 2011)

Municipal Aid Calculator

Transitional Aid to Localities

• Previous years Transitional Aid Applications & Awards
   CY2010/SFY11    CY2011/SFY12  CY2012/SFY13    CY2013/SFY14   CY2014/SFY15

   • CY2015/SFY2016 Transitional Aid Applications & Awards

Model Memorandum of Understanding
Transitional Aid Annual Report - 2011
Model Pay-to-Play Ordinance
• SFY 2016 Transitional Aid Application 
• CY 2016 Transitional Aid Application Form
• Transitional Aid Tax Exemption & Abatement Form 
• Attachment N - Waiver List