Site Evaluator

Site Evaluator

Access the Site Evaluator Tool at the following link: 


Note: The Site Evaluator has been updated as of March 2015, and the URL has changed. We recommend updating and bookmarking the link for easy access to the Site Evaluator. 

  1. About the Site Evaluator Tool
  2. Tutorial for the Site Evaluator
  3. Disclaimer
  4. Partners
  5. Contact Information

  1. About the Site Evaluator Tool

    The Site Evaluator provides the user with information on eligible programs and incentives for a specific location, such as Smart Growth and Urban Target Area designation. There is a feature that allows the user to print the results into a user-friendly report.

    The tool can be used to determine if a project is located within the following program areas:

    • Smart Growth Area
    • Transit Village
    • Live Where You Work Municipality
    • CHOICE Municipality
    • Difficult Development Area
    • Qualified Census Tracts
    • Urban Target Area
    • Economic Revitalization Area

    Program eligibility options allow the user to query whether an address will qualify for any number of HMFA financing programs based on the project's location, such as:

    • Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC)
    • Multifamily Financing
    • CHOICE
    • Small Rental
    • Homebuyer Mortgage Programs
      (e.g.; Smart Start, Live Where You Work)

    The following information is offered under the Census Data Results:



    • Municipality Name
    • Legislative District
    • Census Block Group Number
    • Congressional District
    • Census Tract Number
    • Specific social, economic, and housing
      (Census 2000) data at county, municipal,
      census tract, and block group level.

    The user may use the census block group or tract number to conduct further census-based research at the US Census Bureau.

    For more information about the Site Evaluator, contact Danielle Esser at 609-278-7384 or via email at

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  2. Tutorial for the Site Evaluator

    Need assistance learning the new Site Evaluator tool?

    Click here to access the Tutorial (375k PDF).

    If you have questions, contact Danielle Esser at 609-278-7384 or via email at

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  3. Disclaimer

    Based on the location of the project, the Site Evaluator displays every HMFA program that is available for funding. The Site Evaluator uses spatial geo-coding expertise to match the address to the calculated nearest recognized address.

    Several factors affect the precision of the spatially-based outlook of the Site Evaluator's function. For example, if your site is a vacant lot or a new development, the Locator might be unable to identify the position or place the address on the map. Use aerial photos or the red diamond button below the address bar to identify/confirm the location on the map. In addition, areas near the border of program layers may not align accurately due to mapping projection limitations. If your project is close to a boundary, use aerial photos to verify the location.

    Determination of Smart Growth Area eligibility ultimately rests with the Office for Planning Advocacy, within the NJ Department of State.

    Determination of census tract information ultimately rests with the U.S. Census. If you receive a different census tract number than the map gives, you may verify tract number with the US Census.

    Determination of HMFA program eligibility ultimately rests with the respective HMFA division. Contact information for each division is provided through the HMFA website and as part of the report function of the Site Evaluator.

    Data updates are scheduled regularly to maintain the efficiency of the tool. However, updates may take a few days to be reflected online. Please contact the respective HMFA division if you have any concerns.

    To report a problem or inaccuracy with the Site Evaluator, please contact Danielle Esser at 609-278-7384 or via email at


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  4. Partners

    Several state agencies and organizations use the Site Evaluator to determine program eligibility and for advisory purposes. Click below to learn how they are using this tool and for additional information.

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  5. Contact Information

    1. For questions about using the Site Evaluator, contact Danielle Esser at 609-278-7384 or via email at

    2. To learn more about Smart Growth or for specific questions regarding designation of Smart Growth Areas, contact the Office for Planning Advocacy at 609-292-7156, or visit their contact page for more information.

    3. For questions on how to obtain Smart Start downpayment and closing cost assistance, visit our Smart Start page, or call 1-800-NJHOUSE.

    4. For general questions about our First-Time Homebuyer programs, visit our Homebuyer Programs page or call our hotline at 1-800-NJ-HOUSE.

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