To be eligible for DCA Local Planning Services, a municipality must be able to demonstrate a financial need and a professional planning need.  Services may be extended to municipalities that have:
  • Urban Aid;
  • Transitional Aid;
  • An Urban Enterprise Zone;
  • NJRA Financing qualifications or
  • Temporary fiscal challenges due to unexpected circumstances.

Professional planning need will be determined if the municipality does not have in-house planning capabilities to perform the planning service requested and/or is it not under contract or negotiating with professional planning consultant(s) to complete the identified or similar planning service/project.



Proposed planning service/project must meet one or more of the following goals, consistent with the New Jersey State Strategic Plan as follows:


Targeted Economic Growth where the proposed planning service/project:

  • Directly or indirectly supports the attraction of new investment in the municipality; AND/OR
  • Directly or indirectly supports the creation of jobs in the municipality.


Effective Planning for Vibrant Regions where the proposed planning service/project:

  • Promotes sustainability;
  • Is consistent with county and regional goals;
  • Promotes and enhances existing infrastructure; AND/OR
  • Promotes safe and efficient transportation and public transit options.


Preservation and Enhancement of Critical State Resources such that the proposed planning service/project:

  • Promotes the protection and enhancement of natural, historic, agricultural, scenic, and recreational resources; AND/OR
  • Coordinates plans related to transportation, energy, and the environment with land use and economic initiatives.

Tactical Alignment of Government that will result when the proposed planning service/project:

  • Reduces the cost of government operations;
  • Supports shared services or municipal consolidation; AND/OR
  • Promotes a positive municipal fiscal impact.

In all cases, the proposed planning service/project must be feasible and achievable.  Services to be provided are intended to be a one-time endeavor with a definitive end date and definable final product.