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Wraparound Funds (also known as Chafee Funds) are flexible funding available for those adolescents in an independent living skills, aftercare, or transitional living program.  The funds can be used to pay security deposits, up to four months' rent, purchase linens, furniture, driving lessons, or other items or services that will help the adolescent obtain independence. 

Eligible adolescents are as follows:

  • Age 16 to their 22nd birthday who are in an independent living skills or transitional living program
  • Age 18 to their 21st birthday who are in an aftercare program
  • Age 18 to their 21st birthday, who are no longer an open DCP&P case or in an aftercare program, but were in a DCP&P placement on their 18th birthday

Only independent living skills, aftercare, and supported housing programs can make requests for the Wraparound Funds.  A young person must work with one of these programs in order to access these funds.