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These materials regarding child safety are free of charge and available by completing the PUBLICATIONS ORDER FORM.   Some materials are also available for downloading. 


When a Baby Cries

(Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome)
This brochure gives you tips on coping
with a crying baby and warns of the
dangers of shaking a baby. Download English or Spanish.


Baby Safe Sleep

This brochure gives parents and caregivers tips on providing a safe sleeping environment for babies.
Download English or Spanish.


Not Even for a Minute - Never Leave
Children Unattended in a Car
(Available in a 11x17 poster and 4x9 card)
These materials warn that leaving
children unattended in a car can result in abduction, dehydration, injury or death. Download the poster in English/Spanish, card in English/Spanish.


Not Even for a Second - Never Leave
a Child Unattended around Water
(Available in a 11x17 poster and 4x9 card)

These materials warn of the dangers of leaving children unattended around water and give tips about how you can keep children safe. Download the poster in English/Spanish or card in  English or Spanish.

Summer Safety Tips for Kids and Families
This brochure provides important
summer safety tips when kids are
around cars, water and other summer activities. Download English or Spanish.

Car Seat Safety Brochure and Poster
This brochure and poster provide helpful tips regarding car seat safety and properly securing children at every growth stage.  
The brochure and poster are not available for order, but can be downloaded.
Brochure English or Spanish.  
Poster English or Spanish.