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Office of Juvenile Services

Cases involving juvenile defendants in New Jersey have special rules and challenges, such as the proceedings typically being closed to the public. To better coordinate juvenile representation throughout the state, the Office of Juvenile Services oversees the planning, policy and training related to those cases.

A study commissioned in 1999 to determine what steps could be taken to help young offenders avoid further contacts with the system found the need for a stronger social-service component in the NJOPD's representation of juveniles. That has led to the use of some social workers as a complement to the work of attorneys in juvenile cases.

In addition, the Office of Juvenile Services was established to coordinate further efforts aimed at improving the NJOPD's representation of juveniles. As a central information clearinghouse, the office helps juvenile attorneys statewide share valuable information and training strategies.

The Office of Juvenile Services is overseen by Assistant Public Defender Lorraine Augostini.

The office is headquartered in the Hughes Justice Complex in Trenton.

Phone: 609-292-7087
FAX: 609-777-1795