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Office of the Public Defender Reaction to Henderson Decision

August 24, 2011

Public Defender Joseph E. Krakora, who argued Mr. Henderson's case before the New Jersey Supreme Court, praised today's decision saying that he was "deeply gratified that the Court recognized the validity of over 30 years of scientific research on memory and eyewitness identification" and expressed his "appreciation for the thoroughness and thoughtfulness expressed in their decision."

"Perhaps as important," Mr. Krakora said, "was that our Court has mandated that judges and juries dealing with identification issues take into account all of the factors that impact on a witness's ability to make an accurate identification."

"The unmistakable benefit to all of New Jersey's citizens in today's decision," he continued, "is that it will go a long way toward eliminating wrongful convictions based on mistaken identifications. No one wants to send an innocent man or woman to jail."

Link to NJ Supreme Court decision: