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OPD to introduce new format for Essential Skills Training Program
Posted 9/19/2014
For the first time, the OPD will conduct the Essential Skills Program for new attorneys in the trial regions during four consecutive days beginning October 28. This intensive program format will feature the top presenters in the agency.

Appellate Section has extremely successful summer
Posted 9/2/2014
Our Appellate Section won approximately 25 reversals between May and the end of August. Excellent work by both staff and pool attorneys.

Gov. Christie signs bail reform legislation
Posted 8/12/2014
Gov. Chrisitie has signed the legislation setting up a vote this November on the constitutional amendment needed to implement a risk based pretrial release system that moves away from the settting of money bail.

Supreme Court upholds reversal of conviction in the rap lyrics case
Posted 8/6/2014
The NJ Supreme Court ruled that the trial judge erroneously admitted violent lyrics from a rap song written by the defendant and therefore upheld the reversal of his conviction. ADPD Jason Coe successfully argued the case on behalf of Vonte Skinner.

Bail reform legislation passes the Senate and the Assembly
Posted 8/6/2014
Governor Christie will sign legislation on Monday designed to overhaul the bail system from a money based to a risk based one. Hopefully, this will mean that our clients will not sit in jail simply because they cannot make even minimal bails.

12 new attorneys set to start in September
Posted 7/23/2014
The NJOPD is adding 12 new attorneys this fall to fill vacancies created by retirements and resignations. It is an extremely talented group that survived a very competitive hiring process.

OPD hiring update
Posted 7/3/2014
Since July 1, 2011, the Public Defender's Office has hired 421 new employees including 154 attorneys, 121 investigators, and 154 clerical support staff.

Daniel Derasmo and Tiffany Sawyer named Family Reunification Heroes
Posted 6/25/2014
OPD staff attorneys Daniel Derasmo (OPR) and Tiffany Sawyer (OLG) were named Family Reunification Day Heroes at the annual event sponsored by Legal Services on June 23, 2014.

OLG Burlington celebrates new office space
Posted 6/18/2014
Our Burlington Law Guardian Office in Mt. Holly celebrated its new office with a ribbon cutting ceremony and lunch on June 17. Public Defender Krakora and Assistant Public Defender Augostini were invited guests.

Rave reviews for the NACDL National Forensic College
Posted 6/18/2014
OPD attorneys who attended last week's forensic college in New York found it to be extremely useful training. We will be making the materials available to our attorneys.