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Jennifer Sellitti appointed to Middlesex Deputy position
Posted 4/14/2014
ADPD Jennifer Sellitti (Essex Adult) will assume the Deputy postion in Middlesex on May 5 to replace Red Barker upon his retirement. Many thanks to Red for a successful career with the OPD.

OPD attorneys win acquittals across NJ
Posted 4/2/2014
In the last coouple of months, OPD attorneys have obtained acquittals in approximately 25 cases around NJ with Essex leading the way with 8 since February.

Justice Coleman inspires the crowd at Black History Month program
Posted 3/14/2014
Retired Supreme Court Justice James Coleman was the keynote speaker at our Black History Month program on March 12. He was extremely gracious and his comments were very inspiring.

OPD 8 for 8 in the NJ Supreme Court in 2014
Posted 2/24/2014
The NJ Supreme Court has issued 8 rulings in 2014 in OPD criminal cases and we have won all 8.

Mental illness and the criminal justice system
Posted 2/11/2014
Check this out from Sunday's New York Times

Yvonne DeCicco earns Certification as a Child Welfare Specialist
Posted 2/7/2014
Deputy Public Defender Yvonne DeCicco from the Office of Law Guardian has been certified as a Child Welfare Specialist by National Association of Counsel for Children joining Lorraine Augostini in that designation from OPD.

Public Defender Krakora honored with Cornell Law School Exemplary Public Service Award
Posted 2/6/2014
Public Defender Joseph Krakora has been named by Cornell University Law School as a recipient of the 9th Annual Alumni Exemplary Public Service Award. He will be honored at a reception and ceremony at the New York City Bar Association on Friday, February 7.

OPD to participate in NYU Public Interest Job Fair
Posted 2/6/2014
A total of 6 OPD managers will be conducting interviews at the NYU Law School Public Interest Job Fair on February 6 and 7 in New York City. Based on last year's experience, we are certain to get some good candidates.