Office of Dispute Settlement (ODS)

The nationally recognized New Jersey Office of Dispute Settlement (ODS) provides mediation and other neutral dispute resolution services in the public interest. Since its inception, ODS has served as a court-appointed mediator in over 1,000 cases involving claims in excess of $1 billion and saved the state, businesses and private parties millions of dollars in litigation costs. ODS is a recipient of the CPR Legal Program National Award for “Outstanding Practical Achievement in Dispute Resolution” for its work in the field. ODS services include: 1) Serving as a mediator to resolve all types of complex civil litigation and public disputes; 2) Designing and managing dispute resolution programs; and 3) Providing training in negotiation and mediation to judges, attorneys and state agencies.

 Significant cases mediated include:

 *$500 million environmental insurance coverage dispute between a Fortune 500 company and 25 of its insurance carriers;

*$100 million federal class-action lawsuit involving the proposed demolition of all high-rise public housing in Newark;

*$100 million litigation between the state of New Jersey and two Fortune 500 companies involving the construction of a light rail line;

*$25 million contract dispute between a major medical center and insurance company impacting on the health care coverage of thousands of people;

*$10 million environmental clean-up litigation between a Fortune 500 company and multiple state and federal agencies resulting from a major oil spill in the waters between N.Y. and N.J.;

*Over 300 employment and discrimination cases.

ODS also designs and manages ADR programs. ODS helped design and now provides the mediators for the state court foreclosure mediation program, which handles over 1,000 foreclosure cases each year in courts across the state. ODS also manages the arbitration component of the New Home Warranty Program, which resolves construction disputes between new home owners and builders. In addition, ODS provides negotiation and mediation training to public and private entities such as the Attorney General’s Office, State Police, Judiciary and attorneys on the state court mediation roster. Please call Eric Max, Director of the office, at 609-292-1773 for additional information.

Mediation training sessions through ODS are offered throughout the year and are advertised in advance.  Click here for a listing of upcoming mediation training sessions open to the public through 2017.