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The New Jersey Office of the Public Defender believes that continuous training of all its employees is the best way to ensure quality services to its clients. Training is an integral part of the approach to make sure that all clients get the best possible representation in court.

Also, the NJOPD, through its Office of Dispute Settlement (ODS), periodically makes available to the public training in mediation services. An 18-hour basic course satisfies the classroom training requirements to become a member of the state court mediation roster, and a four-hour advanced course satisfies the annual continuing education requirement for those already on the roster.

Internally, the NJOPD provides both Continuing Legal Education (CLE) on emerging topics in the legal profession and skills training, such as using technological tools, to its attorneys. Training has recently been formalized for the agency’s investigators, and formalized ongoing training for clerical workers is being developed.

Much of the training takes place at the Hughes Justice Complex in Trenton, where the NJOPD is headquartered. However, training can also occur at the regional and local levels, and more is being developed.

Training is overseen by Acting Public Defender Leah McGarry Morris, the NJOPD's Director of Training and Ethics Liaison Officer. For information on NJOPD training, please contact Ms. Morris at .

The mediation training sessions through the Office of Dispute Settlement are offered throughout the year and are advertised in advance. Below is a listing of upcoming mediation training sessions. For more information on these sessions, contact ODS Director Eric Max at 609-292-1773.

Basic 18-hour course:

Please check back for future dates

Advanced 4-hour course:

Please check back for future dates