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Enhanced I/M Performance Standard Modelling

Zip File and Component Documents

EIM_READ.TXT 02/10/98

The file EIM_PSM.ZIP contains documents relating to the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's Enhanced Inspection and Maintenance Performance Standard Modeling Submittal. This submittal provides the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) with the final performance standard modeling for the State of  New Jersey's enhanced inspection and maintenance (I/M) program. This modeling is required as a condition of the USEPA's conditional interim approval of New Jersey's enhanced I/M program State Implementation Plan (SIP) and its subsequent revision.

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eimpssip.fin = Main document
app1.001 = History Overview of Actions Taken with Regard to New Jersey's Enhanced Inspection and Maintenance (EIM) SIP
app2a.xls = MOBILE 5a-H Information = MOBILE 5a-H Input File
app2c.out = MOBILE 5a-H Output File
app3.xls = Analysis of the Percentage of 1981 and Newer Vehicles Not Amenable to Dynamometer-Based Testing
app4.xls = Analysis of the Percentage of 1981 and Newer Low Mileage Vehicles
eim_read.txt = This file
eim_not.wp5 = March 2, 1998 New Jersey Register Notice = March 2, 1998 New Jersey Register Notice  (May work better with Netscape.)


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Last Revised February 23, 1998

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