Build Your Own Rain Barrel Mini Demo Model

Materials Needed
Barrel shaped pretzel container (pretzels previously eaten!)
Blue spray paint (auto paints work best)
Waterproof glue
Single-cup style coffee container (after using, pour the grounds in compost bin)
Nozzle from a laundry detergent container
Any large threaded metal bolt/screw

After eating the pretzels, remove the label from the container.
In a well ventilated area, spray the container and the lid separately with the paint.
Spray the inside as well - this maintains the color if it gets scratched.
Three coats should do.
Take a 20 minute nature break.

Cut a hole for the bolt/screw in the upper section of the barrel.
Screw the bolt into the hole.
You can add a bead of glue to the inside of the barrel around the bolt.
Cut a small hole in the lower section of the barrel.
Glue the nozzle onto the barrel over the hole and add a bead of glue around the nozzle to keep it watertight.
Let it dry, then add some water. If it leaks, add more glue.
Let it dry again.

Trace the outline of the inner rim of the coffee cup container in the center of the lid and carefully cut it out with a sharp blade.
Remove the metallic covering of the container and cut off the bottom plastic part of the container. (Do not cut the filter.)
Slip the filter into the opening and glue it into place.

Paint it any way you want to. Show it off to your students/classmates to encourage them to build the real thing.