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Barnegat Bay Blitz

    Team Captain: Lauren Keltos
    Phone: 908-627-2778

Thank you to all the awesome volunteers from the Barnegat Community and NJDEP!

The students and staff at the Joseph T. Donahue School collected 15 bags of trash from their campus. The trash included plastic bags, cardboard, Styrofoam, bottles, and cans. They also cleaned any organic debris that accumulated on the storm drains on the school property. The students had fun and learned a lesson about how non-point source pollution in the Barnegat Bay Watershed effects the Barnegat Bay and the organisms that live there.

The Morris family organized and conducted a cleaned up of Littlebeach, a bay front beach, in Barnegat.

They and other residents of the community removed trash that had accumulated on the beach.

The Barnegat High School Fishing Club cleaned up multiple areas including Barnegat public beach and Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge wetland areas. They removed a tremendous amount all sorts of trash, everything from food wrappers to large piles of wood.

NJDEP and Community volunteers cleaned wetland and roadside areas of Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Barnegat. Removing lots of bottles, containers, cat carriers, and paint cans.

Everyone did a great job helping to clean up the Barnegat Bay Watershed!

Hi everyone!!

Wow, what a day yesterday was! I am so happy and impressed with the amount of trash and garbage we were all able to collect in a matter of about 3 hours. Thank you all for coming out and donating your time and energy to cleaning up Barnegat Twp. and Barnegat Bay. The rain didn't stop us, and from what I've heard today from co-workers, it seems we remained fairly "dry" compared to other towns.

In total we had 19 volunteers show up and we collected 77 bags and 6 garbage cans full of trash. We had close to a thousand glass bottles picked up (maybe even more); over 300 beverage cans; around 230 cigarette butts; over 100 different types of food containers; a few computers and tv's; a golf bag; that huge metal pipe; 4 car batteries; some bales of hay; Styrofoam coolers and pieces; a bunch of construction materials including - concrete pieces, pavers, wood beams, and metal; and we can't forget about the 3 home-made bongs!! That's A LOT of stuff!!

We all should be truly very proud of what was accomplished yesterday! We worked hard and I think the numbers speak for themselves. Our town alone contributed to almost 10% of the total amount of trash bags filled. That's awesome considering this year there were 42 different towns involved.

It was a pleasure working with all of you over the past weeks, and I really can't say THANK YOU!! enough times!!

Great work everyone and thanks again!!

October 19, 2011 Blitz Recap:

A BIG THANKS to Graelyn Brashear of the Barnegat Patch for covering the October 19th Barnegat Bay Blitz in Barnegat Township despite torrential rains.

A BIG THANKS to Ginny Melchiondo, president of the Barnegat Chamber of Commerce, for her support and work in getting the word out about the blitz.

A BIG THANKS to Morgan Fine and other BSR Physical Therapy volunteers for getting the word out about the blitz and also braving the elements.

A BIG THANKS to the students of Joseph T. Donahue who eagerly participated in the Barnegat Bay Blitz on October 20th because of the inclement weather on October 19th. During the blitz, students K-5 cleaned designated areas around school grounds. Throughout this schoolwide clean-up, students collected items such as cans, bags, Styrofoam, bottles, and food wrappers therefore resulting in a whopping 21 trash bags. Thanks to Joseph T. Donahue for making Barnegat Bay Awareness their school-wide theme for the year and for their contribution to making positive changes to the environment.

A BIG THANKS to DEP volunteers John Murray, Steve Boyer, Jennifer Desmond, and Rebecca Foster for posting flyers in the town and for braving the elements on blitz day to tackle a .6 mile stretch of W. Bay Avenue, which resulted in 4 full bags of recyclable bottle, cans, and jugs, 4 full bags of trash, and soaked jeans, jackets, and shoes! Way to go Everyone!!!

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