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Barnegat Bay Blitz

May 9, 2012 - As a team captain for Lakewood Township my goal was not only to clean up non-point source pollution/garbage for one day, but to educate the public to help improve the current conditions of the Barnegat Bay by preventing dumping of garbage and make the public become aware of how pollutants affect our water systems when they come from upstream. Therefore, I made a point to communicate the efforts of the Barnegat Bay Blitz to the Lakewood Middle School.

Months prior to the Blitz, Tom Bateman, a science teacher at Lakewood Middle School, gave me a few minutes of his time to hear the goal of the Barnegat Bay Blitz and how as a team captain we will only improve the quality of the Barnegat Bay if we educate the younger generations. Therefore, after those few minutes he gave me we scheduled two days to present to approximately 300 Lakewood Middle School students with the message of non-point source pollution and how it is contributing to the ecological decline of the Barnegat Bay. Thanks to Michael and Debbie Bennett from the Coast Guard Auxiliary they were able to present to the students "Everything Eventually Ends up in the Water" to Mr. Bateman's and Kim Heiss's science classes. Their PowerPoint presentation discussed our local waters and the problem with pollutants: trash, plastics, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. They emphasized on what everyone can do, by making minor changes, which will add up to make a big difference.

With the help of Anthony Arecchi, superintendent of Lakewood DPW, and Amanda Lotto from the watershed ambassador's group in DEP we narrowed down our clean up sites to be from the Cabinfield Branch stream, which ran behind the Lakewood High School Athletic Fields and a drainage basin behind WaWa/strip mall. With the help of all my volunteers from the DEP, which included Jeffrey MacMullen, Michael Cisek, Robin Jones, Brian Farbanish, Julie Krause, Patrick Sanders, Ralph Rodrigues, and Albert Skoczylas; volunteers from my family which included, Tara Vonroth, Barbara Bonelli, and Judy McAvoy; and the 40+ Lakewood Middle School student volunteers, I as your team captain could not have had the success noted below if it was not for you. The weather did not cooperate during the Blitz and it poured, but it did not slow my volunteers down and I thank you very much and I hope for another successful Biltz day in the future. Special thanks to New Jersey Natural Gas for providing snacks and beverages to all of our volunteers.

#1 Location: Cabinfield Branch stream (tributary to the Metedconk River)

#2 Location: drainage basin behind strip mall located at Squankum Rd. and E. County Line

Bags of trash (77) recyclables (31)

Most interesting finds = pod to airplane, shopping cart, mattress, door, ottoman

October 19, 2011 Blitz Recap:

Lake Carasalgio was identified as Lakewood's clean up site. A big thanks to Officer Gordon of Ocean County Corrections Department for bringing out 7 adults to help collect 17 bags full of trash and 20 bags full of recyclables.

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